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That is just NUTS!!!

I just watched the evening news special, and I still think that it is crazy...but it DID make me hungry!!

*Hey maybe I should sue CBS for running that story and making me hungry, thus contributing to my weight and clogged arteries!! :LOL: *
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Haven't you ever subscribed to News of the Weird? You should!
Here's the address: http://www.newsoftheweird.com/
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Tigger, that is an interesting web site! My what a strange world we live in! :laughing: :laughing2 :laughing: :laughing2
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I love that site! They print the column in the local alternative paper, here.
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Debby - I saw that piece last night on CBS too. Of course, now it is the same lawyers that sued the tobacco companies that want to start up the same type of case against fast food. Did you catch their arguments? "Well, no it's not physically addictive like tobacco, but they lead you to a lifestyle that contributes to bad health." Give me a freaking break! When will society stop making personal responsibility a liability? Take responsibility for your own choices.
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Let's all sue the fast-food chains for putting fat on our thighs & tummies! :LOL:

This is a strange one ....... it's not a lawsuit, but thought it was sick: http://www.azcentral.com/news/articl...milk08-ON.html
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I just heard this woman, on "Curtis & Kuby" on MSNBC. I think the security officer went a little too far, on this one.
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I agree .....That was just plain wrong
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According to the "Mallard Fillmore" comic strip, this guy is now going to sue God, for not giving him brains and willpower!:LOL:
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