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radio question of the day: 09/15/06

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Do you think men should go to bridal showers?
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No way! I got some night-time things to wear at my bridal shower that he couldn't see until we were married! Plus it is a fun chance for all the women to sit around and talk about their husbands and give advice to the bride.
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I really don't have an opinion on this one, but I know if DH was invited he would do the nervous dance the whole time he was there.
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no, I think it's a time to get together and chat for girls only..same with baby showers.
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No boys allowed at bridal showers. Thats what they make engagement parties, and couples showers for.

Krista said baby showers are for girls too but I have to disagree! I thinks its sweet when the guys join in on the fun. Plus, you can make them do embarrasing stuff cause what do they know about showers?!
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I guess you're right, Brandi.
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No, I don't think so John would be sooooo bored
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Jerry showed up at mine at the end! Did your DHs do that? Did they show up at all? You should have saw how pink Jerry's face was when he walked in!
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I think that it's up to the couple. While I wouldn't have minded having my hubby there, he didn't really want to be there. But he did come at the end, just to say hi to everyone & thank them for coming, and of course carry all the crap to the trucks!

But I also think it's the same for baby showers. If you want it just girls, it's your time to shine, it should be your choice. But I kinda like the idea of a co-ed shower....not that way gutter thinkers!!! Alot of times the daddy is just as excited about the baby stuff...
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No! It would be too hard to crack jokes and things! DH would probably get grossed out at all the pregnancy/birthing talk that goes on at baby showers....either that or he'd fall asleep. He never would have attended my shower! Love my red head....he'd have gone beyond pink into purple! (I've seen him do that a few times!)
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God, no! (This coming from a male who has no interest at all in attending one of those things.)
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My husband would not have come within 100 feet of my bridal showers . That said, some friends of ours did throw us a "Jack and Jill" shower that both men and women attended. We got some more guy-themed gifts (like a grill, knives, etc.) there and drank beer instead of champagne. It was awesome and a great way to include him in some of the pre-wedding events!
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