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Is Foxy going to be a HUGE cat?

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Foxy is actually a boy. The vet thought he is a girl until the neuter at 4 months. Vet said because he's so fluffy and has slowly developed sex organ.

His paws are HUGE compare to his brother Soy (same litter, short hair orange tabby). Now he's 10 months old and weigh 9 lbs.

My friend says he looks like a Maine coon so he is going to be huge. Is that possible? I'm just so curious to see how big he can be. He is very sweet and attention demanding, it will be kinda funny when he's huge

He has a sister that might come from the same father, she has round eyes and the eyes are closer, looks more like their mom.

Here're his pics:

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He is GORGEOUS!! I want more piccies!!!

And he does look like he has Maine Coon in him. However, you can't go by that, or by paw size. My Ginger had HUGE paws as a little kit, and she is pretty much fully grown now at just 8.5 pounds, and she has definite characteristics of the Maine Coon.

Maine Coons, pure-bred, can continue their growth through 24 months of age, so you'll most likely have to just wait and see.
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Just want to say he's a very handsome boy
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I heard it takes up to 5 years for a Maine Coon to become full grown.

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Foxy is just gorgeous!! He does look like he's going to be a pretty big guy, but you never really know until he gets there.
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Not only is he SUPER Handsome, but he's got great expressions.
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I don't know how big he is going to be, but he is a doll.
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Thanks you all

I guess I will wait and see how big he can get

Here're some more pics:


With Brother Soy, watching the birds:


Foxy at 7 months:

Thanks for like him!
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First off both kitties are very cute. I dont know. My girl Kitten is 9 lbs and 9 months old. I guess if he's big so is Kitten. Bagheera who is 4 1/2 months old is 5 1/2 lbs. So I dont know. My Lily is 12 lbs but she's chunky. Annie Rose is 6 lbs.
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omg... look at his tail! your kitty rocks (the orange kitty is cute too, i love orange kitties )
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His tail is just like my Ginger's tail - gotta love that majorly fluffy bushiness!!!
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Foxy is one gorgeous kitty. He does look like he has Maine Coon in him.
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I think he may end up larger than average but not totally huge. But he will look huge with all that fur!
I thought cookie would be huge because of his paws.. Nope, he's an average size cat with slightly large paws and a very long tail. Looks like Rocky is my biggest boy still. (Length wise and weight wise) I'm not sure what Cookie weighs now.. he's almost due for his yearly vet visit but he seems to be at an ideal weight. Zakk is the shortest but may weigh more than Cookie.
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