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Tooo Funny!

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Okay... my kitty Chango just had major surgery. We're very paranoid about what food we give him now... So, until we find one we approve of, we're giving him tuna. Well, we have to feed him separately, so ever AM we bring him in the bdroom w/the tuna, and close the door until he's done. He usually leaves a bit, after which we open the door and the other cats have dibs on it. Well... this is my morning scene...

Every time one of them goes to eat it, the others will swat them, so they end up all just sitting around it staring at each other. Something only another Cat Lover would understand!

Please excuse the house, it's a little messy... we've been in the process of moving, painting, etc.

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Just abit of advice Tuna is fine once in awhile as a treat but never feed it as the cats main meal! Please read this site about not feeding tuna to cats and why not
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Aww...it's a little kitty stand off!
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Hi, I noticed that you feed directly out of the can. We used to do this also, until one of our cats cut her tounge on the edge of the can rather badly. It got infected and even with surgery the vet couldn't save her tounge. We ended up having to put her down because our vet said she couldn't drink water without her tounge because they use it to lap up the water. It was a hard horrible lesson for us, I ALWAYS put their food in a dish now.
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BTW, I forgot to tell you, your cats are adorable!!
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The article mentioned one should not feed tuna that is not formulated as cat food. Does this mean that 'tuna that IS formulated as cat food' is suitable? I was always under the impression that tuna caused urinary blockages, particularly in males. I am feeding Gizmo tuna cat food (Dick Van Patten's) since she will not eat any other wet food. Is this safe? If so, your tuna-eating kitty would do better with tuna cat food, rather than tuna people food.
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That is too cute!
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