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Agressive Cat

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Hello fellow cat lovers. I have a problem that I am coming to you for. My cat is 1 year old and was a stray at 1 time. I am not sure if she was abused as a kitten or what(trying to find out as I type). Well I am wondering this because she is soooooooo cuddly 1 sec. then the next she is kind of aggressive and some times it gos to full force hitting like today. We were watching her on the bed and there were 2 other ways off the bed for her to get out(she was not blocked in). Well next thing we know she hulled off and swiped at Sabines arm and now she has 3 pretty deep marks on her shoulder and a couple little marks. She has had a couple of these attacks since we have had her but this one was the worst. If you can help please do as I would like to know what to do and what not to do to her.

Thank you so very much,
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I have a baby (Chango) who's very similar. Neither my partner nor I can pick him up, however when he wants love, he wont leave you alone. Sometimes when he's nudging you, you can pet him and he turns to smush, other times he'll be nudging and if you pet him he'll swat. Same situation, he was a stray who was probably abused.

We've had him several years now, and he's mellowed out some, but for the most part, he's the same. The big thing that's made a difference with him, we've noticed, is his feeling like he's in a safe place. When he's laying on the bed with us, (or wherever) we never box him in, and as soon as the tail starts flicking, we know to stop petting him, etc.

I'm very curious to hear what everyone else says though!
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We never box her in eather. She always sleeps on the bed at night and whenever she wants(like right now). I hope I can change her as she is my first cat and boy do I ove her to death I just dont want her to hurt me or my wife anymore.
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Chango never has just lashed out and hurt us like that though, so I'm not quite sure. If we pick him up though, all bets are off. One time my father grabbed him before I could tell him not to, and boy, he got scratched horribly! How old is she?
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She is a little older then 1 year old(Birth month of July).
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Hi, did you read the sticky thread at the top of this forum, which addresses how to handle aggressive cats? It has some VERY helpful information.

Extreme Kitty Lover
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Tinkerbell is like that as well. She's got an attitude and if she's overstimulated she gets a bit crazy - we just know the signs that she's getting there and leave her alone. I don't think you can change it, it's just their personality.
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