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When I took Wonton to the vet the other day, we discussed options ect, and she went to go get me a printout of what Wonton would have done, and the price for each. SHe brought it back, and I read it over - exam, check, nails clipped, check, mild sedation, check, blood test, check.. and then it said worming- 40 dollars. We hadn't discussed worms at ALL during the visit - not one mention of it. We've had Wonton for three years now, he's an indoor kitty and he doesn't eat raw meat...so I told them I didn't want him wormed, and they took it off.

Now I'm wondering two things - should I have let them worm him after all? I just couldn't see the reasoning behind it..but then I read that cats can get worms from fleas, and Wonton got a case of the fleas this month (we've just treated him with Advantage). So I'm wondering if I should go back and let them do it?

Secondly - does this happen often- a vet just adding on services that haven't been discussed? I found it odd and was a bit annoyed, but I didn't say anything (other than that I didn't want it).

I have no issues with our vet otherwise- he's very progressive, but this issue has me wondering.
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I think there are still some vets that worm automatically whether the kitty has worms or not. I try to stay away from those vets.

As for your kitty having worms, if your cat had fleas, licked himself and ingested any fleas, then the chances are pretty good that he'll have tapeworm, so my answer would be - get a fecal sample and have it checked for tapeworm. If tapeworm shows up, then have him wormed.
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I would just have him Wormed.... the fecal test isnt always accurate. I too would stay away from auto worming vets but...in this case i saw go for it
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If he had fleas, I'd say go for it. However, $40 seems rather steep to me. It's about 25% of that here.
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$40 does sound more than the normal amount charged but if you were to go to another vet that does it cheaper you ll likely have to pay for another exam.

on the other hand, if they send the test to an outside lab (which is more reliable than in-house testing) then thats an average rate.
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