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Daily Thread: Friday, 15th September!

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Hello all!

The sun is once again shining in the Land of Manc, after some terrible downpours yesterday! Guaranteed now that I have my washing on the clothes horse taking over the kitchen!

I'm feeling rather icky today and think I'm in the beginnings of a cold! Must be the influx of students arriving in the city bringing with them the dreaded Freshers' Flu!

Oooh and today is my fifth year anniversary of living in Manchester!

Has anyone got anything exciting planned for the weekend?

Have a good Friday, I hope it goes quickly!
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Take the day to rest Sarah!, maybe you can beat your cold before it gets any worse.

Well...Jeff and I were woken up at about 5am this morning, for some reason Reilly and Sydney think that's the perfect time to wrestle

Today I have to take my wedding band into the jewelers (I've already lost a diamond) they are going to replace it for free though.

I'm also going to pick up our professional wedding pictures...well the CD anyways.

Have a great Friday all!
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Good MOrning!! My foot isn't broken!! But I am stuck wearing this dorky looking shoe until its healed. But its not a moon boot or a cast so I guess I can live with it!

This weekend we have a go kart race for Lee. Who kno's how long THAT will last. And Sunday my sister is bringing my niece to my mom's house for a visit

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Tracy I can't wait to see pictures!!
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Thanks, Tracy! I'm hoping to beat it - many vitamins going into me today!

Bless Reilly and Sydney, they know the best times for play, don't they?

Oh dear about your diamond! It's excellent that the jewellers will replace it for free though!

I can't wait to see your pictures!

So pleased your foot isn't broken, Brandi!! At least you won't be going to Disney with a moon boot on!
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Today, i went to class, was only there for an hour though!

soon i am heading to the new apartment to bring the cleaning stuff over My windows are really dirty, and need to be cleaned and the bathroom needs to be scrubbed down!

Tomorrow i am hoping to bribe my bf to come with me to the big hardware store so i can buy chicken wire and a net for my new balcony!
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You aren't wearing the dreaded wooden shoe are you??? I had to wear that when I broke a bone in my foot but whe I had surgery on outher foot the podatrist had me wear and older pair of athletic shoes with the toe area cut off it was much more comfortable and I used a cane.

Will very foggy this am. My back still hurts too. I have a landscaping maintenance job today and waiting to get a bit more flexible before leaving-the whirlppo bathtub helped last nigh and will use it again today.
Ran around with errands yesterday and bought a couple pairs of shorts and a sweatshirt on sale for work and the "Life is Good" tshirts now have a cat on one of them!!! And a bough a tripod grill for the firepit.
We dined out lst night at a local seafood place- mojitos, Krab rangoon and crab legs for the entree-YUMMY!!!!
Picked around 40# of tomatoes and sold 29# so still lots of canning for me!!

Working today for a while then relax in tub later!!! (with wine of course)
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Here is the shoe they gave me to wear
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How pretty!!! Is it padded on the bottom??
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Greetings all! Newbie here! I've already posted in the Newbie forum, so I apologize if you've already read this!! I just wanted to be sure I introduced myself to as many people as possible before I start posting. I'm SO glad I found this group!! It's so nice to find people who actually understand my love for my babies . I have no children, so they truly are my kids.

Well, let me introduce myself:
I'm Teena. I've been with my partner for ten years now, and we live in the Adirondacks, NYS. We have four cats...

Zelda: My first baby. I got her 10 years ago from the SPCA, when she was about 2ish. She's very tiny, petite, and is Alpha cat. She's REALLY Alpha!

Moon: She's about 5ish. Again, an SPCA baby. She was a kitten when we got her, and she was originally a present for my partner, but she attached herself to me, and is my baby.

Chango: Poor baby Chango! He's about 4 now. One day we heard a meowing coming from our garage, and out he came after tempted with milk and tuna. He was a little older kitten, but clearly abandoned. He was literally skin and bones, so much I was afraid to pick him up thinking I'd hurt him. He's still skittish, but is such a sweet baby. He just had a cystotomy and urethrostomy 3 wks ago and is doing wonderfully!

Pi: He's about 2 years old. Another stray. Today a friend was over, and he came and jumped on me. I hugged him, and my friend said "He's my little slice of heaven" very sarcastically. I had no clue what she was talking about and then I realized every time I hug him I say "You're my little angel, send down from heaven above".

I love talking about my babies, and love hearing about everyone elses, so I'm very excited to talk to you all!!!

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Hi Teena! Welcome to TCS!

Your babies sound lovely! I certainly look forward to seeing picture of them all!

I hope you have fun exploring all parts of the forum!
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Good afternoon all! What a beautiful day today, such a difference from yesterday.
I decided to walk to the gym last night and by the time I got there I had to use the hair dryer on my self (socks and shoes included) before I was in any fit state to go into the gym. And that was with an umbrella!
Tracy thats awful about your ring Good they will fix it for free though! I can't wait to see your pics!!
Glad your foot isn't broken Brandi, sexy shoe though!
Welcome Teena to you and your kitties!
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Good morning.

Today isn't starting very well. I just couldn't sleep last night. It must have been around 3am before I fell asleep. Now it's 9am and I'm up.

Also, I've been having a cold for a few days and I must have pulled something while I was sneezing or coughing because my neck hurts.

Today is supposed to be a nice day but so far it's grey and raining. I wish I could just go back to bed but I have to go to the University for a meeting later today.
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OOPS! I've been so busy with the spotlight thingie I forgot to say GOOD MORNING!!!!
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It's raining like crazy here again today! I've been achy or two days now too, I feel like I'm getting a cold but I think it's just because of this lovely weather. This is my lat day off (I have Thursday's and Friday's off), so it figures it was cruddy both days! Oh well!
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Morning all! At work, feet still sore from the blisters I got walking when in Ottawa (I tired to pop the one on my heel and it keeps filling back up with fluid - yuck) and I feel like crap - sore throat and everyone yesterday was telling me that I looked like an albino I was so pasty! Such nice folk here! Probably caught some bug from the gnomes that were sleeping in my tub when I got home! SOMEBODY had a wild party at my house while I was gone - they advertised it on Verdant Forums! Sheesh - I guess I'll never go away again!

Anyway, feel like going home sick, but computer busted at home so still here!
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Thanks for the compliments on my new shoe. You think they could have given me the pair instead of just one! It is making gquite the fashion stament though! I sure have gotten a lot of concerned soldiers saying "What happened to your foot!! I saw you limping yesterday and now you have the shoe!!" Then when I tell them HOW it got injured they turn into comedians!!
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Slowly improving after my fall on Wednesday night. Actually got some sleep last night. The sun is finally shining again!

I have to get a newsletter ready by Monday. I think it will be a short one.
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Good Morning all!

Its been a busy day today so far - since its payday, always a hectic one.
I'm enjoying my private office, so I'm getting MUCH more done, which helps.

I have to get caught up on some paperwork today, so hopefully it'll be a uneventful Friday!

Not much planned for the weekend - going shopping with a friend tomorrow morning. I really want to get the kitties a cat tree - so we'll see whats on sale.

Hope you all have a great day!
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I'm glad your foot isn't broken! The shoe is cute!
Other then that, I'm late for work because I'm on here, so I just better say hi and go!

Have a great day everyone!!!!
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