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After being coached by the nice people into getting Brady, my semi-feral back into the house with a trap, he is now confined to a downstairs bedroom until he decieds that I am not Satan.

In the meantime, my two nice dogs do not understnad why Mommy is disappearing into the room mornings and evenings and talking to herself. At some point I have to introduce Brady to Zircon and Sophia. Zircon will most likely try to hump him, Sophia will want to be friends and Brady will want no part of this. (At his foster family they said Brady liked dogs but not other cats).

I think I should introduce them by letting the dogs into the bedroom, that way I can control what the dogs do, they are fairly obedient. If I wait until Brady has earned having the run of the house and cat meets dogs, I predict the chase will be on, because the dogs will assume that Brady is an unwanted varmint. I may or may not be there to witness it. Both dogs are pretty good with cats in the house if they understand that the cat is supposed to be there.

Does anyone have opinions or advice?