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really really gross eye

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I noticed yesterday my 9 month old kittens left eye was a bit weepy, it had a little bit of yellow looking slime coming out of it, but my older cat got something similar every now and then and it always went away on its own so i didnt worry, but today it has gotten much worse, ive never seen anything so bad on my older cat even, its swollen, a little red, really sticky and the inner eye lid is partically closed, i feel so sorry for her, it looks terrible, but she HATES the vet, im not sure weather to take her or not, should i give it another day or two or is this a sign of something bad? Please help me, im so worried for her!!
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Your cat really needs to go to the vet. I have a cat that absolutely hates the vet also, she has noises she reserves for the vet's office only. It's not a growl but it's a really weird noise. The vet said she's heard it before and it means they are really really stressed out. Your kitty needs some antibiotic ointment for it's eye which of course she will absolutely hate. Your other kitty was probably able to fight off the infection but it doesn't sound like this one is able to do it this time.
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It sounds like this isn't a time to wait. She needs to see the vet and get some antibiotic ointment. No cat likes the vets thats normal.
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My Chango has had some major urinary problems in the last month, and has literally 'lived' at the vet's. He always hated it, like all cats... but now, he doesn't mind it at all! We're thinking it's because he was in SUCH pain (he had a major blockage, and almost died...) and he knows that they 'fixed' it for him.

Definitely get the antibiotic ointment, you don't want it spreading to another eye, or another cat! Call and tell them the problem. I'm a 'regular' at my vets with four cats, and many times they'll just tell me to come and get the Rx without having to see the kitty. Especially for something like that, they may do that. Doesn't hurt to ask!
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