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new cats and old cats

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Hi I am new on these forums and already I want your help and advice. I've had 2 tabby cats for 11yrs and just brought in 2, 2yr olds (Ragdolls)unfortunately there's fighting hissing and growling going on. We've tried putting the newcomers in the cat carriers so that my existing cats can smell them and get used to them, and we also have let them all out. After the big fight, which I came out worst of all, they seem to have seperated themselves to upstairs and downstairs. My question is how long will it take for them to settle down and will they ever get along? I don't want to see my 11yr old babies suffer.

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They will establish their pecking order and be fine. It is not uncommon for some hissing and gowling to occur during their adjustment period. As long as they are just making noise and not hurting each other, I wouldn't be too worried. Good luck, and congratulations on your new additions.
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Please go to this thread. In it you will find three additional links that will take you to threads in which we discussed this very problem. With persistence and lots of patience, you can solve your cats' behavior problems!

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Thank you for your help, we have been keeping them apart at night and letting them see each other in the daytime but we have left the food, litter tray and water in a seperate room and this seems to be easing things. As we got the two ragdolls (2yr olds) from the cats protection I don't want to give up and fail them in giving them a new loving home which they have never had so anymore tips are very welcome
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I'm glad you were able to rescue the cats. So that we can ensure that they have a good life while living with you, I cannot stress hard enough how important it is to stop the aggression immediately.

I hope you read the thread that discussed the need to completely separate the cats and then re-introduce them later. If you did not read that one, please go back and see what it has to say.
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Yes I did read the thread, and have now completely seperated them, the old girls are with us in the lounge and upstairs and the new girls on the block are in the kitchen and computer room, where my husband spends most of his time so they won't be lonely then in a weeks time we're going to swap them over and hopefully we can all live in harmony I'll let you know how we get on and thanks again.
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I am soooo glad you are taking this seriously. We get so many people who come here asking for advice but then never follow the suggestions we give. So, I did a little happy dance when I read that you are going to give the complete separation a try.

I hope you write in often and give us updates on how it is going! In the meantime, if you haven't already introduced yourself Go to the New Cats On The Block forum and say hello!
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