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WHY does this ALWAYS happen to ME?!?!?!?!!? - Page 2

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Gnomes in thongs!! I can totally picture that - so maybe we need group therapy!
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:LOL: Debra.... I think we might!! Bill will have to show us how its done though... he's used to this "therapy thing"
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Gnomes in thongs? What's next- trolls in tutus?:LOL:
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You know when you walk into a conversation in the middle of it, and everything sounds really bad? Well, I just did that with this thread. I just clicked on the last page, went directly to "Gnomes in thongs" I was just thinking - "How in the heck did we get from poor Rhea not being allowed to use the bathroom to gnomes in thongs????!!!!"

You guys are just nuts, that's all! I think I need to join the group therapy.
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I have a T-shirt I used to wear that has a picture of a 6 pack of beer on it, and says, "It may be just a 6 pack to you, but to me, it's group therapy!!! :laughing:

Gnomes in thongs, huh Rhea??? Hmmmmmm. Very small thongs, then, huh?

Stop looking at those poor little gnomes butts, Rhea!!! (or did you mean the thongs you wear on your feet.....) :LOL:
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Debbie, There's something very funny about little, tiny, gnomes wearing little, tiny thongs. It's a much funnier picture if they are wearing gnome shoes and thong underwear. I think we need Bill to explain this whole thing. If you don't need that beer, I have an idea Rhea could use it----oh, no, she might not get any more potty breaks! Rhea should drink warm milk. You should keep the beer and make milk out of it later! (Not that I'm advocating a tipsy mommy, but there are ingredients in the beer that the La Leche League says make milk.)
All right, Bill, the woman talk is over. Now, what's the story on these half naked gnomes? I missed something somewhere.
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Jeanie, unfortunately I can't have the beer. Not good for the little one!

I will send it to Rhea!!!
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I'm speechless.

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Bill - that is because WE have found out about YOU and the GNOMES IN THONGS!
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OMG! I didn't know Bill was wearing a thong, too!
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Hm-m-m. Bill, in a thong. Maybe, I need to go shopping, for MY Bill.
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Rhea, maybe you don"t WANT to go to the potty. Look what they're marketing to employers, on your side of the pond:

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I think I'd start bringing my own toilet paper then, if I were you, Rhea!!! :LOL:
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Now we know why some people say their jobs are rough!
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Bodlover: Awww, I'm sorry. I'd come help you out but I'm not anywhere near you.

I'm a good reciptionist, I just don't think I'd ever want to be one again. If your good, most places don't want to promote you becase its hard to find good/trustworthy recpetionist's.
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Angel you are so right. It's the total Catch-22 situation - be really good at your job and they don't want to move you, but you can't get ahead without being really good at your job.
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