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New baby

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Well, the migraine didn't happen in full force, which is good, but I felt a bit too crappy to work from home, and not quite crappy enough to sleep, so made the lasagne for the neighbours since they're now home with the new baby.

I planned to just give them the lasagne and leave them be since they only got back from the hospital today, but I couldn't.

They were just so happy and excited that they wouldn't let me go without seeing him! Mum was just about exploding with excitement, and literally ran up the stairs giggling and telling me how gorgeous was and dad had to shush her so she wouldn't wake him up!!

He was sleeping soundly, and they are just so excited and happy, and it was so wonderful to see. Mum looks FANTASTIC! They'd just had a 4 hour nap, so were feeling good, and apparently dad is starving, so the lasagne has gone down well

It's so wonderful when you see such happy parents
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That's wonderful news!!!!! I'm glad the new parents are doing so excellent and you got to see the little one!!!! He sounds like a doll!!!! I'm sure you making them dinner really helped out too!
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