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New kitten

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Im new to the forum, i have some questions regarding my two kittens.

Weve had tigger since he was 8 weeks old, hes now 17 weeks old. Since both myself and my partner work, we did not want to leave him by himself all day, so we decided to give him some company.

Yesterday we got a 8 week old female called cleo, we was told by the breeder to introduce our kittens when cleo arrived since tigger is only a kitten himself (though after reading these forums it probably wasn't the best way to go). At first tigger hissed and remained distant (whilst getting in a right mood with us), through the night we did seperate them and now (day 2) he has stopped the hissing and investigates the new arrival whilst letting her do the same to him, though he has started to paw her, chase her and roll about with her, sometimes he has made her squeel, my partner thinks he is being playful without quite realising the size difference, but i am worried that he is actually being agressive, and may actually end up hurting cleo.

what makes my partner think that hes only being playful is that he doesnt seem unhappy and his tail isnt twitching, when pawing her his claws are not out, he licks her, allows her to share his toys and hes no longer in a mood with us.

What should we do, is tigger being too aggressive or just a playful kitten.

Any thoughts and advice on this matter would be most appreciated.
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I've a couple kittens, (12 & 15 weeks), and a 1 year old playing in this house. They can sometimes get a little too rough. I know it is never really meant, but sometimes I do separate them to help prevent any from getting hurt. I've found that most times when I get after them to not get too rough it is the one that I thought was getting hurt that starts the play all over again.

I don't think it is actualy fighting that you are seeing, just rough play. Sometimes I think you might want to break it up, but keep an eye and use your own judgement.
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I agree. Sounds like the playing just gets a bit rough. Bijou and Mika will do this as well. Mika is half Bijou's size and she tends to be the instigator, then when Bijou gets rough she complains. If I think they are getting too rough I just have to firmly say, "enough" and they go scattering off only to chase each other and play again but usually not as rough.

They will also have to establish dominance, i.e., which one will be the alpha so you will have to let them work that out between themselves. There isn't anything you can do to help that along. They'll find their own boundaries and each will deal with it without your input.

Sounds like they are working out quite well overall. Enjoy! 2 really are better than one as we've found out.
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We are now on day 3 in the mad house, and its not quite that mad anymore. Both kittens have settled and seem like they are becoming good friends.

Tigger is no longer hissing at all, Tigger is still playing a tiny bit to rough every so often but he is starting to learn when to stop and Cleo gives back just as much as she gets.

Anyway here are some pics of Cleo (Black and white) and Tigger (Tabby and white), Let us know what you think of our babies.

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