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12 year old Cat & 3 Month old Kitten

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I adopted a kitten into my home 2 months ago when he was 4 weeks old. We also have a 12 year old cat. We tried everything and the two just dont get along. The kitten loves the older Cat. The older Cat, despises the Kitten. I have read count-less books, taken numerous advice. I have done this, done that. The most famous advice is, "oh give it a month. It will work out." lol

I have seperated them. I have given them 5 min. with each other supervised at a time. I have even sprayed the same scent on both of them....we have covered it all. I was making progress, the 12 year old Cat actually engaged in play with the Kitten for about 3 minutes then had a hissy fit.

I live in a 2 story house. The Cat Room is down stairs in the laundry room ( it must stay there ) The older cat stays upstairs, and usually on the deck. He was using the deck as a litter box (big no no) he finally will come down stairs again. It was getting much better, but now he is apparently losing wieght and it is beginning all over again....more drama

I dont think, it will ever work out.
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First of all...welcome to TCS!

I'm afraid with everything you've already done..it is probably just a matter of time and patience.

It is quite possible that your older cat and the kitten will never be the best of friends...but if they can tolerate eachother then that's a start.

I know it's hard but try and stay patient. I had 2 cats years and years ago that never really liked eachother (even after 11 years) but they learned to at least be civil.

Best of luck!
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Time and patience is really the truth. It can take days, weeks or months for cats to learn to live together in harmony. We kept Bijou and Mika separated for one complete month with only supervised visits when we were home. If there was a problem, we instantly separated them again. If you go the the home page for this forum and check the "stickies" you'll see a great thread on introducing cats. Read it carefully and try some of the ideas. Sometimes if you try to achieve results too quickly, you may have to go back and start all over and go more slowly. Don't give up - it will warm your heart when you see them cuddled together sleeping one day.
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