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batting kitties

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Some set up:
PJ and Teddy don't really do much of anything together. PJ tolerates Teddy; if Teddy could, I think he'd be all cuddly with PJ. They're about 3 years apart; PJ is older and was resident cat when we got Teddy.

A long time ago, we saw PJ bat Teddy on the head (she was sitting on the coffee table, he was on the floor right next to her). We thought it was a funny, one time incident.

So today, I was home early - and it happened again. PJ was trying to intice Teddy - she was rolling around on the table, trying to bat him, and then she succeeded. Teddy proceeded to stand up and bat her back - and they were batting each other - heads and chests - and then it was over! There was no hissing or growling, at least none that I heard or saw.

Since I've so rarely seen them interact doing anything more than sniffing at each other, I'm a bit baffled. I think PJ was trying to get Teddy to play! Is this typical play behavior? Or was PJ trying to show Teddy that she's the boss (PJ is the older one)?

It sounds like such a stupid question, but never having had cats together that would interact... I'm not sure what I saw. As a side note, Teddy is normally quite a batter - he loves batty toys, and to bat hands, too.
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Sounds to me like a fun play-fight session!
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