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Why Anya Got a Bath Last Night...

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So Anya got a bath last night, even though she had already had a "bath" on Monday morning when she was being goofy and fell in the tub with me.

In our apartment, where its just me and my husband, we've learned that if you don't at least leave a crack in the bathroom door while you're in there you get a very unhappy kitten scratching and meowing at the other side of the door. Brian was in there last night and all of a sudden I heard, "Anya!!!! EWWWWW!!!!"

"Mid-stream", if you will, she had hopped up on the toilet rim and placed herself between Brian and his target. Not being able to stop in the middle...he peed on her.

I told him since he was the one that did it he had to bathe her. He doesn't like to do anything that makes her unhappy or mad at him, so who bathed her? Yep...me.

Silly kitten.
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Oh my gosh - that is TOO FUNNY!!! Poor little kitty! I'm trying to imagine the expression on her face when she got hit with a stream of hot people-pee!!!

Well...at least she's clean now. And I bet she never does THAT again!!!

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That is so funny!! Poor kitty didn't know what she was in for when she hopped up there!!
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Oh Anya must have learned that trick from 8-Bit. He is now banned from going to the bathroom with DH for the rest of his natural born life. He was not a happy kitty, and I was not a happy meowmy having to give him a bath at 3am.
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And to top it all off when she was in the bathroom with me this morning she unrolled half a roll of toilet paper into the floor. She's never done that before. Kitten mischief...you've got to love it.
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LOL!!! Too funny!! When Saki was a kitten he fell in the toilet at least 3 times..
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Oh Gosh! Noodles has come close to doing that a few times!
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LOL! That is so funny!, except for having to give the kitty a bath at 3 a.m.! My Rascal is the same way, if I am in a room with a closed door, he just has a fit until he can get in with me.

He climbed up behind me on the potty, once. I was rather stunned and thought it was so funny, but rather disconcerting, so I make sure to not let him do that anymore.

Extreme Kitty Lover
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