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Pet Gold

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My cat is allergic to Tidy Cats, hates Swheat Scoop and World’s Best, he eats Yesterdays News and Fresh Step is way too dusty. Now he is using Ever Clean but it’s too expensive for a 25lb box. I was wondering about Pet Gold, how good it is as a clumping litter and is it as dusty as Fresh Step.
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I haven't used Pet Gold, but have you tried Feline Pine? They have a scoopable version. It's basically sawdust, but it clumps when wet.
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I use Pet Gold. It is very good at odor control without a perfumy smell and it clumps hard so the litter lasts. It actually lasts better than any other litter I have tried. It is dusty though.
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I use Nature's Miracle. It's corncob based so it won't seem like food to the cat.
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I have always used only Pet Gold because Persi took right to it at 7 weeks of age. I really like the way it clumps and is so easy to scoop.
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