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What the heck do I do with a 15 month old?

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Due to some unforseen circumstances I have to babysit this weekend! My first time in about 8 years

Jordyn is 15 months and she is a whiney whiney whiney child- especially if her mom is around. When mom is gone she's ok to play for a little bit but I've never been alone with her for an entire day.... I think I might run out of ideas!

What are some things I can do to entertain her & play with her?
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Read books to her, jingles keys at her, sing songs to her, make silly faces at her, make pretend stuffed animals are real and walk them toward and over her giving her "kisses" - not much else I can think of to entertain one so young. I raised a daughter, but she's 22 now and my memory ain't what it used to be!
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Well have mom bring some of her favorite toys over...for one thing. And maybe a favorite movie (though I expect that her attention span will only last about 10 minutes on that one).

You can also expect more than likely a nap time somewhere in that day...so take away about 1-2 hours of 'entertaining' that you'll have to do.

Imagination games are really good for stimulation, peek a boo, the 'itty bitty spider' is always popular. It doesn't take much to get a 15 month old to laugh.

That's all I can think of right this moment.
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Bubbles - a crowd pleaser with my 5 greatnieces and nephews at that age. Also, pinwheels.
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I completely forgot about Bubbles (slaps head) a favorite with my kids...a favorite with kids of all ages actually.

Pinwheels too, anything that is pretty, shiny and colorful.
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Take her outside for a walk fresh air will have her sleeping good
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Thanks guys! For the most part those are the same type of things I do with her now... I'm just not sure how I'll hold up to 8 hours of funny faces!

Mom usually gives her food and/or picks her up every time she cries- which won't be happening at my place, *especially* the constant grazing (well for me that's a possibility but not for the baby!) So she is a very crabby kid, constant tantrums! Her big sis, Madison is 3 and she's cute as a button. I could play with her all day but unfortunately she's going with grandma for the weekend.

I'm sure I'll be able to entertain her, I just thought that maybe there was some actual activity we'd be able to do but she's not really quite at that stage yet. She normally just wants attention but doesn't get it from mom so I am sure if I just play with her all day she'll be fine- plus I have all kinds of weirdo toys for her!
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