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I gotta new little girl !!

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Up here in Oregon one cold cold morning, we're on bikes taking back some video's to the store. Heard a teensy little meow from a box on top of the bush in front of the store, looked in, there to my surprise and anger was two little 2 or 3 week old kittens, half frozen. We put them in our coats, jammed home and immediately got to the vets with them. Although very young they were stealthy, we got those little tiny baby bottles and hand fed them then, fostered them giving them love, and warmth. The little boy was a yellow short hair tabby, the girl, a torty/tabby, ugly yet still definetely a girl. Well my fellow biker, already has four cats, so he couldn't take another in, we live in one bedroom apartments, so he weened and adopted out the boy, it was easy, gold tabby's are easy to get rid of. However the torty although very loving was not getting any bites on adoption, so, heck, I took her into my heart and home and my two other tabbies loved her too..they played airhockey with her, running back and forth between them...(she thought it was cool so, what the heck) I named her Olivia, after her deep olive eyes..she's pretty dark, I posted a pic of her so if your interested go look if it gets in !! Mike, Medford, Oregon.
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Hi Mike, welcome to TCS, where's her picture!!!!
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Hi and Welcome to TCS!

...Can`t wait to see her pic!

See you on the forums!
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Hi welcome to TCS! We want to see pics!
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Hi Mike, and welcome to your new kitten!

If you need any help navigating around the site, please feel free to click on my username and send me a private message...I'll do what I can to help you
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Welcome to TCS, Mike and Olivia. About those pics..... does this give you a hint
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Welcome to the site Mike.. Olivia sounds adorable..going to look for her picture!!
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hmm, don't know what they did with the pic, there's no more caption this contest, but, if I find out where it is I'll link to it..Mike
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I tried to copy and paste pic from photobucket here, but it didn't work, paste didn't come up here, what am I doing wrong dang it ???MIke
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Hi Mike. You can't just copy and paste the pic from Photobucket. Go to Photobucket and copy the third set of code, the IMG one, under the pic you want to post. In the message box click on the tool bar button for Iinsert Image" and paste the code you copied in the box that comes up. When you click on preview message you'll be able to see the pic. I hope this helps.

Your kitty sounds like a sweet girl. It's lucky you found her and the little boy.
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[IMG][/IMG]ok here she is, finally, had to get specific advice from a fellow club member, tanks !! to get from photobucket, I'm such an idiot but a good servant to Olivia ! ya those are my feet !!! Mike
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thanks anacat, I finally got it !
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[IMG][/IMG]this is her new buddy, Orion, they're inseparable, great companions, #3 kitty, whiskey is in my other pics, check him out too. Mike
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[IMG][/IMG]These two are also cabinet climbers, One day Orion (top) bit me on the kneecap when I was making his food tray up ! thought you'd like this one catching both of them in the knee biting position. Mike
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There you got it! Your little tortie girl is adorable!
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Hey Mike:

Big ups to you for rescuing Olivia and her bro! Oh, and your two tabbies too..."My" Tarifa is a tortoiseshell, too, and I adopted her from a friend who has a rescue going out of Petco. Currently Tarifa and 8 more, including our own gold tabby, Nicolas T. Cat, share everything here in the Mojave. I'm moving back down to the city soon and of course, my 9 are going with me, they're my family and we're inseparable, forever! Look forward to seeing your pic of Olivia and hope to get some of Tarifa, Nicolas, and crew up soon. Good to meet ya!
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They're precious! Welcome to TCS!
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Cute kitty

*LuLu* x
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