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hey all,
I just had a question. My 7 year old cat tigy will walk around certian parts of the day (usually at night) and he will sit and cry and it cant be because he has no food and water because he does...but he will go to a part of the room and do a very loud cry and I dont think its because he is lonely because I have another cat hes very close to..I was just wondering if anyone knows why he does this?
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Well I'm assuming that he is with you when he does this right?
Meowing, ecspecally this much means he's talking to you, or in general. He might not be lonely but could be bored. I had a cat who had that anoyying deep feral cry, ever night he would wander around the house doing that. He had other play mates and us to sleep with, but it wasn't good enough for him.

Try leaving some toys a scratching posts things like that with your cat. Is your other cat sleeping when this one is meowing?
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you could say that when my male cat walks around, the other one is usually sleeping, or laying down. Maybe he is bored...because last night he did it, and once I called him...he came running so I'll try to leave toys out...thanks for the help =)
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I have a cat who does this when he is lonely. Unfortunately, he is most lonely at about 4:30 in the morning.

Usually, all I have to do is call to him and he comes to me for some cuddling. However, whenever my husband is out of town, the cat will just cry and cry and won't be soothed even when I give him lots of attention. He just misses his dad too much.

Warning....if you do give attention when the cat yowls, you will teach the cat to do this more often. As long as you are okay with that it is no problem!
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yea, I always call my cat and he comes and runs...I guess he just wants to play more than sleep at 2 in the morning! Thanks so much for the response!!
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Is your cat fixed? Unfixed cats have a very deep meow that can drive you batty! I have a spayed female Bengal who cries really deep and loudly. Does he go outside or have a special place by the window to watch the birds? Maybe try that and tell me what happens!!
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no...my cat is fixed =)
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