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Happy Anniversary To Me!!!

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Today my hubby & I are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary (7yrs total). We already exchanged gifts.... we got each other a few perfumes/colognes that we needed/wanted. I got him the new Prada Man that's exlusive right now to Neiman Marcus & Bergdorf's and this other cologne called Creed (not by the band creed if anyone is thinking that). I think it's actually from England, and it smells awesome. I usually wear Armani's Mania, and needed a refill of that, so I got a bottle of that, and then we picked out 2 other fragrances that we liked for me. The original Prada for women, and this other called Alien by Thierry smells awesome. It smells a bit strong at 1st but after 2-3 minutes you don't even notice it. Here is the link if you want to check it out:
I had never heard of it before.....but he is constantly canoodling with my neck when I wear it!

Anyway, we are going to a really nice fondue restaraunt for dinner. It's called the Melting Pot, they have them in some major cities....maybe you've heard of it. It's a little too pricey for everyday (usually $150+tip for 2 but it includes: wine, appetizer, Anyway, the food is always fabulous, and the whole experience is great....the lighting, the ambiance, the process of cooking your food at your table.... it's nice, and I can't wait to go! We have 7pm reservations, so I'll let you all know tomorrow how it was!

I got my hubby the cutest card it said: to my wonderful husband on our anniversary, I got you something to tell the world how I feel about you. Inside there is a big round sticker for his shirt that says "sorry girls, I'm one of the good ones who's taken!!!"
I musta giggled for a good 20 minutes in the store picking it out!!!

I can't believe I've been married 4 years?! Sometimes, I can still look at him, and I get butterflies.....
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Happy Anniversary!!!

There is a Melting Pot near me and I've been wanting to go. Have a great time!!!
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Happy Anniversary! Have a wonderful time tonight and no canoodling at the restaurant WAIT till you get home
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Happy Anniversary Heather!!
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Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a great time tonight (I am sure you will)
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Happy Anniversary! Have a great time!
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Congratulations . It's wonderful to know that someone can still get butterflies after four years of us newleyweds hope! Have a great dinner and a romantic night!
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Originally Posted by ugaimes View Post
Congratulations . It's wonderful to know that someone can still get butterflies after four years of us newleyweds hope! Have a great dinner and a romantic night!
If it helps I still get sweaty palms right before my husband takes me out on a date. I also get really excited right before he comes home from work.

Congrats Heather! Four years is a wonderful thing!
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I think there is a Melting Pot near us as well...tell us if it's any good.

Oh yes and Happy Anniversary (ours was last month on the 16th).
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Thanks SO much everyone!!!! I am excited to spend some romantic time together!!!

The Melting Pot has fabulous food Butterfly, but it is a little pricey, for my purse anyway....we can't see spending $150 for dinner for 2 too often, maybe once a year. Maybe less than that....

But it's an experience....with fondue, you get your center plate of asst meats/seafood raw, and a pot with broth to cook it in, and you cook it on skewers at your table, it's really fun. But not a place for kids, and usually dinner will take about 3 hours till you do your appetizer, meats/veggies, and then desert....which is all included in the price. But it's always delicious!!!

ugaimes, marriage, for us anyway, is not always butterflies....I think it has rhythm, like with life...there are ups & downs. Sometimes you are hopelessly in love, and sometimes your on each others nerves....but always you love the other person, and you are always committed to each other. The last month or 2 has been heaven....the month or so before that was a little is stressful, and sometimes the only person close by gets to hear the brunt of it. We are always trying to work at improving that....I know when I come home to a mess, and already had a bad day, I should be coming home and falling into his arms & he should be making it all better , but that doesn't always happen...I can come home to an empty soda bottle on the table, a wet towel on my bed, and the toilet seats up. Which only makes me burn up more!

But yes, sometimes, if we have been missing each other time wise, and I haven't gotten to see much of him in a day or so, I get the butterflies....or if we have something special planned, and I'm getting all dolled up, I get nervous to see him, cause I still want to take his breath away.... and when I'm on my way home from work, and I know he'll be there....I always look in the mirror, to make sure my make-up looks ok....not that he hasn't seen me throwing my guts up?! But hey, what can I say??!!
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Happy Anniversery!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you both have a wonderful time at dinner!
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Congratulations . Hubby and I are celebrating our anniversary today as well
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Happy Anniversary Heather!!
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I was sure i had posted in this thread!

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Awww! That is so sweet! Happy Anniversary!
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Happy Anniversary! (I love anniversaries!) I wish you many, many more
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Weeeeellllllll, we had a great anniversary dinner! When we got to the table my hubby had arranged for them to set up a dozen roses, and balloons, and champagne flutes! It was nice! We had a cheese fondue with garlic & worchestershire sauce, with breads, apples & veggies to dip. We both had salads, and then for our meal we had veggies, and filet, sirloin, chicken, pork, shrimp, veggie ravioli's, and hubby got a side of lobster tail! Mmmmmm.... it was great. But the BEST PART, was dessert! We had a smores fondue, they melt the chocolate & marshmallow and add liquor and light it on fire! You get a plate with cheesecake, 3 large cherries, brownies, pound cake, strawberries, marshmellow's coated in oreo cookie, pineapple, and graham crackers! It was the closest I'll get to heaven on this planet! Oh, and I had 2 caramel apple martini's.... If you've never had one, stop what your doing, go get one right now, and get back to me....they are the best!

But I have to admit, shamelessly, there was definate canoodling going on!!!
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Oh sorry for the Belated wishes, but At least, Happy aniversary!!!
Many happy returns!
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