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Why do they do it?

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Something I'm curious about: Why do kitties raise their bum up in the air when you are patting them? Is it an instinctive thing? Is it just because it feels nice?

I had a wonderful 5 minute petting session with little Ferris last night. He let me approach him without running away from me, and then let me lie down on the floor within 6 inches of him so I could give him scritches and loves, and for the first time since I've had him, he let me REALLY pet him, even rolling over so I could pet his other side, purring like a maniac the whole time!

However, every time I ran my hand down his back toward his tail, he'd put his bum WAY up high in the air, and it just got me to wondering. I've noticed other cats do this, although Ginger doesn't do it at all.

Anyone have any ideas on this?
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I think I read somewhere that he's inviting you, as the mama cat, to sniff and/or groom his bottom. Y'know, if you were so inclined ... Sort of like he's presenting his bottom for inspection, if that makes any sense?

Both my guys do this when we pet close to their tails, no matter how comfortably they were sitting prior to the cuddle-session. Spike will totter off of things (the couch, for example) in his eagerness to raise his fuzzy butt in the air. Oz, although he still does this, is a bit more dignified, and would be absolutely appalled to learn that I'm telling you he does this at all.
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Oh, Mirinae, I'd be THRILLED if that's why he's doing it - he's accepting me as his momma!?!?

Today makes two weeks that he's been living with us, and I just love him to pieces - tried to smooch him on the head this morning when I was having another petting session with him on the kitty condo, but he thought I was up to something and pulled away from me.

So seriously, that would be SO awesome, if that really is why!!! I was assuming that he's starting to get growing boy hormones and that it might be more of an instinctive thing rather than anything else.

It isn't like he stuck him bum in my face or anything, though - he is still learning to trust, so he stays facing in my direction at all times. Oh, now I want to go home and pet him again RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!!
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Well, both my guys are neutered and they still do it, so I don't think it's an adult "getting ready to spray" kind of thing. They tend to do it in the middle of a cuddle session, when they're really content and being all lovey with me (or my bf). I'm pretty sure it's a happy bonding thing.
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My Sapphy is very bad at this, she's like your Spike, Mirinae, she will actually fall off things in her endeavor to get her butt as high up as she can
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