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I have a few of those tiny spider veins on my legs, too. My friends say you can't hardly see them, but I can! I think it comes with age...guess I better expect more of that since I will be 40 in 3 years.
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Debby I am sure you are glowing!! All pregnant women look fabulous I think.

I'll PM you my phone number today and we can chat later if you are up to it.
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Debby, I am joining this thread late, normally I am a very active person, at the very end of my pregnancy I felt just the way you do now. For me, it meant I was nesting and the baby was born about four days later.

Daniala, I am about 5 ft 2 in; when my son was born he only weighed 5 lbs 11 oz, and my stomach was absolutely huge. At that time, my OB told me that the largest baby I was physically capable of being pregnant with was 7 lbs. It's amazing that your son weighed 10 lbs at birth.
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Yea, my pregnancy w/ him was unbelievable. First off, I was only 19 when we got pg. so I was scared ( just married, living in Germany ). Secondly, I was soooooooo big, that I was terrified to deliver. I was having nightmares, the whole deal.

Anyway, at my 38 week appt, the doc did the ultrasound and said he was over 9 lbs so they wanted me to deliver immediately considering I was a fairly small person ( at the time I was 5 feet tall and weighed prepregnancy about 110 lbs ). So they did a csection the next morning, and low and behold he was 9 lbs 15 oz and 2 weeks early! It was truly amazing, he looked like he was 2 months old at birth!! The doc said he knew he was going to big based on the ultrasounds.

My daughters was much more normal. I was older and wiser, I was 25 when I had her. I had read normally your second child is larger, so I was really scared. But they monitored me closely, and around 37 weeks they were estimating her at 7/8 lbs so they let me carry to term. She was 7 lbs 10 oz, and I had her about 6 days before my due date. I felt a lot smaller w/ her, even though looking at the pics I was pretty big.

I'm done having babies now.
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Daniella, that sounds like my pregnancies. I'm 5'6 1/2" and big-boned. Pre-pregnancy weight 135#.

The doctor said my first one would be about 8#. Richard weighed in at 10# 1oz. I was able to deliver, naturally. Never thought I'd be grateful for these broad hips! I was 17 and breezed through it.

Three years later, Mark weighed in a 7# 6oz. Don't know what happened, there. Usually, in my family, each subsequent baby is bigger. He WAS a lot easier to deliver, though.

My main concern was twins. MY mother is a twin and all four of us are singles. Sometimes these things skip a generation and we know WHO it would have hit.

That was it! I hit my two-kid limit and forced Mark to be the baby of the family. I HAD to quit having babies - it was too easy and God knows how many I'd have, by now!
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Found some pix. The first one was taken at my baby shower (8 mos). The second was 12 days postpartum.
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Great pics!! I bet you are greatful you didn't have twins!!
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Originally posted by dtolle
Debby I am sure you are glowing!! All pregnant women look fabulous I think.
Actually, everyone who sees me lately tells me how terrible I look. They all say I look miserable. Alot of it is the lack of sleep, I think. Last night I tossed and turned all night, and finally got to sleep at 7:00 this morning, then was up again at 11:30. I need to clean out the closet in the babies room and the rest of the drawers in her dresser today, and I just don't have the energy. I thought if maybe I got online for awhile first, I would perk up a little. So I will be starting on that stuff here soon.

Cindy...I love the pictures!!!
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Debbie, I'm sure your friends mean well, but I don't think anyone should tell you that you look terrible! When I'm not quite up to par I feel better when someone tells me I'm looking better. So--take a shower, put on a cute shorts outfit, some makeup and jewelry and know that pregnant is beautiful!
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Debby, I can't think of a better time for you to get your new scanner out of its box and hook it up to your computer. (hint hint)

You will be sooooooo proud of your brand-new daughter, (you'll feel much better after she's born) and we will really enjoy looking at some nice pictures of her!!!
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That's a really good idea!! If I have any energy left after I clean out the babies closet and dresser, I will do that! I have been waiting for my sister-in-law to have the time to come over and show me how to hook it up and use it, because I have no clue, and don't want to screw something up...but maybe I will just give it a go anyway!!!

Jeanie, yes...my friends mean well, but they are just worried about me I think, because I look so worn out.
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Debby, it shouldn't be that hard. I had never touched a computer, in my life and I hooked up the computer, scanner and printer, all by myself! Mine are all HP and came with instruction posters, with step-by-step pictures. I figured that, if I can put together a dress, following directions, I could do this.
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