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cat doesnt stop meowing

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we have this cat that adopted us but now we dont know if we even want her around with her constant meowing. we bring her inside cause shes constantly meowing outside. she comes inside and most of the time she meows to be let right back outside!...1 min later shes meowing to be let back in....im losing my paintence with her...please help.
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How old is she, and is she spayed?
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Man, I know how you feel. I got this one cat who I probley should have never let outdoors anyways, and now she meows constantly, cause i think she wants to go outside, but there are too many bad things out there, so i wont.

If you find a soultion though please let me know.

For now I keep a spray bottle filled with water close to me at all times, and when she meows I squirt her. I feel bad but its constant and driving me nuts.

goodluck with your talker.
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Please don't use a spray bottle. Punishment will only make the cat more stressed out and will probably end up meowing more. Plus water could get in their ears and cause an infection. If you have ruled out meowing for food or attention, then my advice would be to ignore it. If the meowing keeps you up at night then you might have to get earplugs.
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Hi ~ I posted a message several weeks ago that is almost identical to yours! A cat adopted us too - back in July. She is the SAME way. Meows all of the time and wants outside, then wants inside, then meows no matter what. The good news though... She is getting better and better everyday. She now only has short outbursts of meowing and she is getting more and more quiet the more she gets settled into our house. We still let her out occasionally if we have time to supervise her (we don't want her to run off or get hurt somehow) and that seems to appease her. We also have gotten very attached to her and we are glad that she is a part of our family now. So my advice is this... If you can just try to be patient and stick it out with the meowing, she may become a wonderful part of your life.

P.S. our cat is spayed and in good health (and NOT hungry!) so we know that she is just meowing to meow. I noticed that when I posted my question about meowing awhile ago, a lot of people kept focussing on whether or not she was spayed, was she healthy, was she hungry, etc. I felt they were missing my point and that my cat was just meowing "just because." So if your cat is meowing "just because" also, just try to stick with it and she may calm down. I also agree that a water bottle is not a good idea! Patience is key!
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I know, GBW, you said a lot of people asked if your kitty was spayed? Probably, because most cats will meow incessantly, when they are going into heat!!!!! But, if they are meowing, just to meow, maybe you could try getting some of those Comfort Zone Diffusers, to help calm them down? Just a thought! I know they do not always help 100% of the time. My friend got some, and it helped only marginally. BUT, for my two kitties, it helped TREMENDOUSLY!!!!!! I mean, it is like night and day now, with the use of two diffusers here!! So, it may be worth your while to try one or two of them! I have one in the kitchen and one in the living room. Those are the 2 rooms they are in, the most. There is no scent from them, that humans can smell(although they look similar to those Glade Oil Plug-in things). Only the cats can smell them, and they emit a very comforting smell to them, which apparently is a similar scent to a nursing cat mommy!
Hope this helps!
P.S. They sell them in a lot of petstores. I went online, did a search and found them online, to be cheaper. Also Ebay sells them!
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We had the same problem with our neutered, well-fed, often played with and generally spoiled male cat. His meowing became so bad at night, that the veterinarian precribed our cat amytriptyline (an antidepressant and anti-anxiety drug) that comes in a paste form that we can rub in his ears (the medicine is absorbed through the skin in his ears) We also have two Comfort Zone diffusers. That finally did the trick. I guess medicating the cat is a last resort, but after months of poor sleeping and trying literally everything we could think of, my husband and I simply couldn't take it anymore.
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shes been spayed..we even took her back just incase they forgot an overie or something. we live in an apartment complex and I dont want my neighbors getting mad cause of her constant meowing between 5-6am....thats when she starts this to be let in...she comes in...eats then meows to be let out...we let her out then she starts it up again

ill try the Comfort Zone Diffuser and see if that works
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