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Keeping a cat indoors - advice?

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Well now that Tryon has come out of her shell and started playing, she's also trying to make "the great escape". She's been overly interested in the front door lately, and this morning while I was headed back inside she tried to bolt. Luckily I saw her poking her nose out and I slammed the door quick. Opened it again just enough to stick my hand in and shoo her away before I could get inside. Worried that she might try to make a run for it again, and know that if she did, she wouldn't come back. Not that I think she doesn't like it here or anything... but one, I found her as a stray outdoors... and two, there are so many wild creatures in the area (dogs, raccoons, snakes, etc) that I don't even think she'd make it across the street... they'd be on to her in a second. I know cats are good hunters and all, but the raccoon I saw the other day could have taken ME out, let alone a 9lb cat.

So any ideas on how to keep an indoor cat indoors? I'm worried I might come home half asleep one day, open the door too quick and out she goes.
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If outside includes the garage I finally cured my cat of ever rushing into the garage any time the kitchen door to the garage opened (going in or out). Person number one sits in car. Person number two opens garage door to kitchen. Cat number one rushes out into garage. Person number one leans on horn (garage door to outside is closed so sound is VERY loud). Cat number one rushes back into house and never ventures into garage again. Now, with a little adaptation, this just might work in other situations...
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If you have doorways that lead into your front door hallway/entrance area, you might try putting up some kiddie gates to block access to that area. Of course, if she's not afraid to jump over the thing, you might need to stack one on top of the other.

While neither of my kitties are door darters, one is especially interested in the great outdoors. I've learned when entering the house, to lead with my foot in order to shoo her away from the entrance. If I see her, I tell her sternly, "NO!" So far, it's worked well.

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I really dont know if this will help you or not because you said she was just "interested in the door". When I found Easy she would CRY to go out. I mean CRY and get very upset because I wouldnt let her out. Everytime I would distract her with a toy and also get down on the ground and play with her. After a long while of continuously doing that, she stopped crying to go out. And now she will actually run away from the door when its opened. I know you posted this a while back,I hope Tryon is more settled now .
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I've recently brought Pippin indoors as we moved and circumstances changed. I was very worried that he'd make a dart for it and he has on a few occasions but now I leave a little tupperware of treats at the door (on the outside) and when I leave i throw a few through the letterbox. Pippin is always waiting of course because he's already there just incase mommy lingers in the doorway long enough for Pippin to escape.... I also call to him when I get to the front door when coming in and if he's been really good and not made a dash for the door then he gets a treat!

It seems to be working for me... maybe give it a try?
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We've been going and coming only through the kitchen door that leads to the garage. Even if I just go out to get the mail, that's how I go. Cindy doesn't seem to have too much interest in running out, but Swanie is very curious. When I leave, I toss him a treat and leave when he chases it. When I come back, I open the door a crack and if he's right there nose at the door, I can come in with the broom and he'll run back. I don't want him to even know that the other doors open!
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