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The Mystery of Yon

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One of my 5 rescued kittens disappeared between midnight and 4 a.m. It is mystery because Yon was indoors and I locked up everything before retiring. At dawn I was the crazy lady walking up and down my street calling her name. Yon is only 4 and a half month old. Please pray for her safety and return. If it is destiny that she is not meant to be mine , please ask that a kind and responsible family has taken her in. I am so very sad right now.
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Cats are masters in hiding. They can hide even inside in places you would never imagine. Keep the doors closed and search. Engage the other cats in the search. Is Yon tame? If so keep calling him. That will also make the other cats understand that you are looking for someone.
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Yon may have found the perfect hiding spot inside. When my daughter went back East to visit her aunt for the summer, her cat stayed behind and mid-summer went MISSING for 2 days. My daughter has brain-damage, so I waited to tell her that anything was wrong; the cat turned up safe and sound. But after that, she'd go off for hours - just for peace and quiet, I guess. Hopefully Yon has done the same thing
Sending {{{show up safely, Yon, PRAYERS AND VIBES}}} that she shows up soon. Yon, come out & stop worrying your meowmmy
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I forgot to mention, try not to sound desparate if you go calling for Yon - she will hear the panic in your voice and most likely stay hidden.
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I hope little Yon is safe and sound, and I really hope that you find her.
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C'mon Yon, come out of hiding and get some goodies and treats and lots of lovin'.

Has Yon come out of hiding yet? I sure hope so.
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any sign of Yon yet?
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Yon with Joji

The naughty girl

Yon is back! You were right, she was hiding!!! I do not know where, she just appeared in the living room like magic. Ay, she is a very naughty little lady!
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Persil did that a couple of times over the summer - the first time I thought my visiting students had been careless with the doors, and I had them all out searching for her. But then five hours later she turned up for supper, very nonchalant. I never did find out where her hiding place was, but she retreated to it several times.
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Glad to hear Yon is safe!
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ooohhh like magic!!

so glad Yon is safe
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I'm so glad Yon is safe and sound! It really is amazing how they can find the best hiding spots (and scare the life out of us!).
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I'm so glad your Yon is back. They can find so many hiding spots. I hate the ones that are in plain sight, like the chairs in the dining room. I can just see them laughing as I go through all of the cupboards, looking under the furniture and then finally noticing the chair on the far side of the table.
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I'm so happy to read the good news on Yon. Sometimes I wish I was as good at finding a hiding place
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Sometimes it isn't the cat so much as the house that is to blame; when I lived in an old apartment building, my cats removed the poorly attached plumbing panel in a closet facing the bathroom, and then hid under the tub. If the momma-cat got out of my apartment front door, then she was as good as outside, even though the common stairway entry area was behind a good, stout door. The water heaters were in a closet, and the momma-cat found the way from the entry hall, into the closet (with poorly hung doors that didn't close), and outside.

I'm so happy for you that Yon is back! I'd try to do some detective work to find out where she went, though, because it might be dangerous. I finally did repair work around the apartment (landlord was terrible at that kind of thing) after one of the kittens died. I don't know where she got to or what she got, but she was very ill one day, and my vet thought it was probably some household poision. It was more likely poision behind the oven than poision under the tub, but neither are safe places, and it's very hard to know how safe or dangerous Yon's hiding place was.
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I am glad you found your cat.
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Thank you Enuja and I took your advixe. Yon was acting dazed and confused when she came out so I did go everywhere looking for cracks, holes and similar hiding spots (including rear of appliances and cabinets) in the house. No potential dangers seen so far.
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