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New Kitty

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Alright, I'm not entirely sure where to put this thread.

We just got a new kitty in the house. He's about 3 months old, and actually one of a litter born from a stray in this neigboorhood, just like our 1 year old.

SO, here's the deal...when the kitty was still outside, and coming in and out to visit, Orion loved it. He played, he groomed, he sat at the patio doors waiting for them to visit.

Now, it's only been a night, but new kitty is distraught, as is imaginable. He's hissing at us a bit, but is following Orion around like a proper little brother.

Orion is pouncing on him, and biting, but it seems playful. Orion was panting, but we couldn't tell if it was from the raucous playing, or stress. Now, Orion seems to be giving us a cold shoulder, and is even avoiding coming upstairs where the new kitty is. He seems sad about it.

Anyways, due to the small size of the house, and lack of a lot of doors, we're not able to shut new kitty from Orion, although we're doing our best to keep new kitty uptairs while giving Orion his usual free reign of the house.

At first, Orion wanted to be upstairs, but now, he'll look up here, and then walk away. He's behaving rather dejectedly, and I tell ya what, I adore him so much, I would just as soon let the new guy back outside than have Orion be so sad.

Any good help guys? I just want Orion to be happy...it's why we agreed to get another kitty in the first place, since Orion seemed bored, and a little lonely.

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These things can take a long time. Transitions from indoors to outdoors and vice versa can take a long time as well.

This just might be the new place for your cat, the way he has settled in with the household and has excepted it to be so. I've noticed that everytime I bring a new cat/animal into this house, all my animals change their personalities a little bit more. And its not nesiccarily a bad thing, but it is different from what we are used to.

It's possible that the new kitty has steaked his claim of the upstairs and Orion knows it, and Orion won't go up there because it's no longer his territory. He probably looks sad because you are up there. Try spending more time downstairs with the both of them. Make sure they have plunty of toys in the downstairs, give them catnip together, and feed them down stairs.

If Orion starts to pant again, it probably is from stress and you should bring him to the vet.

And please, give the cat to me or someone else instead of letting it back outside.
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Right now there is only one cat in our home, Snowball. When we got him as a young kitten we had a four-year-old-female cat, Midnight, to introduce him to. Immediately after the introductions, Midnight went through a personality change that lasted several months; whenever I went to pet her she was very aloof and just wasn't able to respond in her usual affectionate way. After two or three months like this, Midnight's personality suddenly returned to what it had been before the introduction of Snowball. I think it's too early to make any decisions; you need to give both of the cats some time to adjust and everything will work itself out.
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You should also keep both kitties seperate until the new one has been to the vet and given an all clear for the standard tests for diseases. Then a gradual introduction works the best. They will adjust to each other, it just takes time. Spend extra time with Orion so he does not feel left out, but please keep them seperated until the vet check.
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Well, hubby and I decided to give Nero away. With all the panting, and spazzing out, and whatnot, we thought it would be a good idea.

I have a feeling Orion wants to be an only kitty. Within an hour of Nero being gone, Orion was up to his old tricks, and generally behaving happily.

So, Nero will be sweet and cuddly, and happy in his new home. I think it would have been hard to have Nero here, as I'm not sure he was very happy being on 'this side' of the glass, yanno?

Plus, I also think this house is way too small for two kitties..it just wasn't plausible to keep them separated without caging someone, and I wasn't comfortable with that.

Anyways, thanks for the help, but I think we worked it out.

BTW, I wasn't really serious about lettig Nero back outside. My mom had a friend who was looking for a cat, and I knew that would be an option if Orion was too pissed off. =)

Warm Fuzzies,
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I believe that when one animal is used to being King or Queen of the house, then when another comes along, it will create stress and anxiety in the original pet. Just like whn a new baby comes into the house. I think that in time your pets will earn to co-exist and things should be fine. Good luck!
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