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The relationship of my two cat

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Hi all, I have two 10 month boy kittens from the same litter, they were adopted when 10 weeks old. I always curious about how there relationship is...

Both boys are neutered at 4 months. Soy is sweet, always happy, hiss at any stranger cats (my friend's) and does not remember things well. Foxy is definitely smarter, very controlling, want more attention, love strangers, love strange cats (follow them, invite to play, never hiss).

Their relationship is very strange. Foxy looks like the dorminate one, he has bigger frame, he never lose in fights, he starts most of the fights when he's bored, he always fight and get the nicer spot, when we go out and put them in the same carrier, he always stretch himself out and left a tiny space for Soy... But the following makes me doubt who is the dominate one:
1. When they eat, if there's only one bowl out, he let Soy eat first (Soy never express unhappy when they eat together);
2. When we pull out their toy and do "cat fishing", as long as Soy is playing, he went aside watching, even if we intentionally drag toy around him; but if they are playing themselves, he never let Soy get his favorite toy unless he's bored.
3. This afternoon when I got home, I pet Soy first, then hold Foxy on my shoulder (he likes that), Soy seemed not satisfied and meows at me, when Foxy heard Soy meow, he insisted go down and leave;
4. Sometimes if I just held Soy and then try to pet Foxy, he won't allow me do that.
5. When Soy sleeps between my Husband and me, Foxy bites him, drive him off bed

I'm so confused... who is the boss? Does Foxy look Soy as a baby brother and take care of him?? Is Foxy jealous when we pet Soy? Foxy is definitely the more sensitive one, we made sure that we pay enough attention to him, but I hope I could know more to get them happier.

Do your cats do the samething? Any information is appreciated
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Dominance is very fluid in cats - they don't have a rigid dominance hierarchy like dogs, who are pack animals. It's common for a particular cat to be dominant in one situation but less so in another, as you've observed. I notice the same thing in my own cats.
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Cats have a loose status in a "pack" - not like dogs where one is the boss. And it can change from month to month.

The only general thing is that whole males/females will have "top" status almost all the time and neutered/spayed will be lower. Other then that, it changes.

My whole female was top cat in the house over everyone - all neutered/spayed cats and even the whole male I had (he was a big love bug anyway and never tried to be top). She also was the SMALLEST one in the house

As to who is boss between your brothers - neither - they take turns from what you've described
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