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Kitten VS Cat

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Dear Cat lovers,

Hi. My name is Susie and I'm posting to discuss some concerns I have-
I have a one and a half year old Cat, Candy.
I adopted her when she was only 8weeks old from the shelther. Now
she is big and healthy.
Today, I adopted another 8weeks old kitten.
When Candy saw the new boy she is unusually aware and makes weird snoring noise, and sometimes hissing, too. Is this a very bad sign?
One thing for sure. I can tell Candy is very uncomfortable and seems jealouse about the new presence in the house. She's always been the one and only cat in the house and I'm not sure if we will beable to overcome this situation?
Has anyone had similar experience but they became close friends in the end???
Please share your experiences!!
To give you more information, they both are neutered and spayed- if that makes any difference...
Thank you so much in advance and I will look forward to hear from you guys..

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Usually you have to do the introduction slowly, i.e., not just bring in another cat and expect them to get along great. We kept Bijou and Mika separated for a full month with daily supervised visits before we left them alone together. There is a lot of good information in the above thread on how to introduce your old cat to your new cat. If you follow this advice the transition should go fairly smoothly. Don't expect 24 hour results - sometimes it can take weeks to months but don't let that deter you.
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Thank you so much! I feel a lot more relieved after reading your post.
I will make sure to check the link and try to make the best out it!!
Hopefully Candy and Tiger will be best friends soon.

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