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Update on my farm

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Okay many of you know dad sold the farm. Well he decided to keep ten acres of it and as soon as he gets his corn in, the guy is going to let him finish his crop out. He is going to start getting ready to build a house and he plans to leave the house and the land to me. He wants my sister to build a house out here that way we each have a nice house. He is going to let Lilly and Tavia be in the house but I have to wait on any other inside pets. And he wants to help me pay off my student loans so I can start college to become a Registered Nurse, I can't wait to give shots. And he has been helping me work on my drivers liscences as much as possible when hes not trying to haul off junk my uncle has piled around here. He also plans on helping my uncle get a small trailor to live out the rest of his life and help him fence in his yard so my two male ratties that are with him will be safe from coyotes. I am so happy about that so now if only I can figure out how to cure cast iron pots I would be doing good. I found some my grandma had.
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Here's a link for you: http://pages.interlog.com/~john13/recipes/curing.htm
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Sounds like things are going really well for you! That's great! Let us see some pics of everything when you can!
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The house has to be built first we are hoping by next spring or summer.
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Oh that sounds so nice! Sometimes I wish my parent's had land like that. My boss' parents gave her an acre of their 15. Thier houses are close together and her little boy can run back and forth between them whenever he wants. I just think that would be so wonderful! I would love to see pictures of the land and the house too when it's built!
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I love the idea of the family homestead! Your father is providing very well for his family
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Yes he is I can't wait until the house is built. We was going to put up chain length fencing but we just put up the fence around this trailor and its that old fashioned woven wire so we decided to take it to the house but instead of fencing in the whole yard he is just going to fence in the back yard. We would have done that here but there isn't a back door here. That way the dogs can have a nice big yard and I can have my flowers. And he wants my niece to be able to play outside when she is a bit bigger and she is so small our dogs might knock her over while trying to love on her. My dad's outside dog is a boxer lab mix and she thinks she's the same size as my dad's chiuhauha
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