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ZoomGroom- Is it as good as everyone says it is?

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I just ordered a Zoom Groom online because I've heard nothing but good reviews. My hubby and I are still really skepticle of it because it just doesn't look like it'd work. So please! Tell me, has everyone had good results with this product? Anybody found it to be not as great as people make it out to be?
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It is the best I've used. It doesn't look like it would do much but it will take any loose hair that other brushes miss because of the rubber nibs. At the end of your first zoom groom session, you will be able to build another cat from the extra hair.

I can only use it on Nakita ever so often since she doesn't like the feel of it. But from the reviews, her reactions is in the minority.
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I like it with two exceptions. Fur still flies around and land on me. And... though he loves it everywhere else, my cat doesn't care for it on his head. It seems a little rough for the head and under the chin.
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I loved it at first. It does remove alot of hair.

But, I've noticed that it seems to be all overcoat. I still have to use a wire slicker on the undercoat.

If your cat doesn't have an undercoat, it's great. And my slicker doesn't remove the overcoat... so I do like the Zoom Groom. It's just not perfect.
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I like it, but like said, fur still flies around some. Especially Noodles' fur. It's very fine...very easy to inhale up your nose! It's also good for taking fur stuck to your furniture off. I use it to get the fur off their sleeping spots on the cat tree. I can only use it so much. It seems they enjoy it, but too much they don't like. I guess maybe if you do it 'too hard' or something it's just overstimulating? Still, it was deffinatley worth what we paid for it!
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I love it. I don't find fur flies around - Mosi's all goes in the zoom groom! It's not a substitute for combing the fur - esp if your cat has an undercoat that knots - but it is great for getting out dead hair that would otherwise be swallowed.
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My Zoom Groom gets Gizmo's undercoat beautifully--you just press a little harder. The cat loves it and purrs while she is being groomed. I found the best place to do the grooming was in her 'kitty palace' since she is supported by the cups, is at my eye height, and loves it.

I found that the other, metal brush gets the cat hair out of carpeting beautifully, so it's at least good for something.

You will probably be as surprised to see the zoom groom full of hair after three strokes as I was when this happened to Gizmo.

as for it getting elsewhere. Most of the excess at the start landed on me but now that I brush Gizzy more often, it all ends up on the tines of the zoom groom. It's a terrific product. But be sure to get the 'cat' variety not the 'dog'--for some reason larger tines don't work as well.
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I hated it.. it make such a mess , and Hersheys fur is thick and didn't really get the under coat at alll....
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It does remove a lot of dead hair, but as mentioned does make a bit of a mess! Usually, I end up with more fur on me than in the Zoom Groom!

I rotate between a number of different combs and brushes so that nobody learns to dislike one of them!
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It works wonderfully, but like others have mentioned fur will fly when brushing cause their is nothing to catch the hair in the zoom groom, but it sure does take all the hair off.

I have my boyfriend scruff a cat and we take it outside to use the zoom groom, otherwise the hair gets all over your house and it kind of defeats the purpose of brushing.

So if you can i recomend using it outside or maybe in a Laundry room or bathroom, a small space with a small clean up area.

Zoom groom also works great with shorthair dogs!
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I love mine. I recommended my mom get it for her dogs and she loves it. One the dogs there is enough fur taken out to make a HUGE diggerence. Its the only thing Phenom will let me use to brush her.
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In my opinion it is good and bad...the cats LOVE the feel of it, but it makes a big mess with hair flying around. I usually try to use the Zoom Groom as well as a metal brush (but you have to be careful not to press hard or it will scratch their skin).
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Just wondering - do those who find the hair flies around all have short haired cats? Mosi is long haired and the hair seems long enough to get trapped in the zoom groom. I can imagine short hair would be less likely to do that.
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Originally Posted by urbantigers View Post
Just wondering - do those who find the hair flies around all have short haired cats? Mosi is long haired and the hair seems long enough to get trapped in the zoom groom. I can imagine short hair would be less likely to do that.
Yes, mine are both short haired and their hair won't stay in the ZG.
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I'm surprised at all the reports of fur flying. The Zoom Groom holds the hair fine for ours, and they are all short hairs. They love it, and we regularly get enough hair to knit another kitten or two.
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Tibby, Willow and Annie have short hair and Molly is funny fuzzy medium-y hair!

I find that it mostly flies with Molly's and Tibby's fur!

Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
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I'm glad you asked this question since I was wondering the same thing! I saw one in the store for the first time the other day and I was kind of confused how such an odd brush could have such good reviews!

The one I saw was for dogs (they had a big & a little one) so maybe next time I'll check to see if they have a cat one and pick it up!
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Best shorthaired animal brush ever! Although I have yet to use it on my kittens.

I use it on my rabbits when they are shedding, and it gets so much of the undercoat out! Yeah it flies all over, but I just hold them and stand over a garbage can. And I make sure to sweep or vacuum afterwards.

It doesn't do much for the overcoat though. You'll still want a slicker brush for that. And my rabbits hate it, but they hate all brushes and petting gloves anyway. It's a necessary evil.
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I've never used one, but seems a lot of people like them. I'm use to showing cats and my grooming objects (short or longhair) are combs. I have gotten a small rubber brush for shorthairs in the past - that works well.

And the same brush is very good on carpet stairs/treehouses to get the fur off
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I can't attest if it is actually a good brush or not....but after months of trying regular brushes and Smidge's refusal to tolerate them, she fell in love with the Zoom Groom almost immediately!

I like that is fast too...plus Smidge sees it as a lovey time (one of the few times she purrs) and not some chore she must endure.
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Prego gets combed and then Zoom Groomed every night. Polly gets Zoom Groomed 3 times a week. It takes off a lot of hair. It has really helped prevent hairballs in my two cats.

For the flying fur, do it in a room with a hard floor, not carpeting, then use the Zoom Groom to pick up the fur that went on the floor. That's what I do. Polly's fur does tend to fly more than Prego's.

If you have a garden or plants outside that are being bothered by deer or rabbits, put the fur around the plants after you brush them. Natural deer and rabbit control!
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Terrific, wonderful, amazing! Okay, I've ony managed to get the dog-sized Zoom Groom, but I'm absolutely convinced that it's the best brush ever (and I grew up with assorted dogs, cats, rodents, and amphibians, the latter of which had no use for the Zoom Groom.) Get it! I visit the U.S. every August, and pick up the Zoom Groom for friends, acquaintances, and students every time! It's fabulous!!!
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Hmm I wasnt too impressed with this. The 'bristles' are like so far apart? Maybe I'm not doing it right, I dont know.
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sorry for the stupid question - but what is the difference between undercoat and overcoat?

btw as for zoom groom -- my kitties LOVE it ... they sit there and purr while i groom them their hair tends to stay in the comb though (they are both shorthair)
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Undercoat is the fur that is closest to the skin - and it should be a lot "softer" then the outer coat.

The outercoat is the top layer - the one you see and the one that gets dirty, etc. Its usually a bit harsher because it has to protect against the weather.

Cornish rexes only have the soft undercoat - there are no guard hairs (which is the outer coat).
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The Zoom Groom cleans the undercoat brilliantly--that's why mine and Gizmo's filled up with hair with only a couple of brushes. If you are getting only guard hairs, the cat's undercoat isn't shedding yet.

When Gizmo lost her winter undercoat this Spring, I had to empty the Zoom Groom three times since it was packed with soft fur each time. I wound up with enough felt to make a coaster six inches around and an inch thick!

Gizmo is not shedding as much now so I get mainly guard hairs. After a few brushes most of the hair stays in the Zoom Groom since it is electrostatic action that makes it work. Sort of like rubbing a balloon on a cat's back.

Anyway, some of it does come loose and go towards Gizmo's tail, but I"m no longer wearing a fur coat after I brush her! You have to brush her more than once a week at first, and the hair sheds will naturally go down.
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Although I've also heard good reviews, It doesn't work that great on my cats. But they are persian and have very thick, long coats. Nothing beats a good comb!
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I think that the zoom groom works best on shorthair cats. I'd get a comb for a longhair like your persian.
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I got my ZoomGroom today, and all I can say is WOW! It's awsome! I've never been able to brush so much hair out of Luna before! And she actually loves being brushed with it so much she curled up in my lap purring and almost went to sleep! The fur does fly quite a bit, but it's nothing that can't be picked up afterwards. It worked good on Nova too, but she wasn't too crazy about it so her grooming session was considerablely shorter than Luna's. That's ok, because Luna is the one with the shedding problem anyway.

from me!
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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u View Post
Although I've also heard good reviews, It doesn't work that great on my cats. But they are persian and have very thick, long coats. Nothing beats a good comb!
With Prego (he's not a persian, but has a beautiful long black coat) I comb him first to make sure his fur doesn't get matted (he mats easily) and then Zoom Groom him to get rid of excess fur. This really keeps the hairballs down, since he won't take hairball medicine.
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