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My BF had three of ours before I met him, so he is definitely a cat person, although he says he prefers dogs, but he had cats
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My hubby was a card-carrying cat hater. Then HE felt sorry for the stray living on our patio and decided to feed her. The rest is history!

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I have to post this. This is my hubby, and he is "a dog person, not a cat person."

Turns out he likes any animals that like him!

He adores our four rabbits, especially our first bun Mocha because he's the one that got her. I woke up one evening for my third shift job to find him cooing over the baby bun we had seen at the pet store that morning. He's told me that he feels like she's his actual kid.

He encouraged me to adopt cats because he knew I missed having them. I was concerned about having cats with four house rabbits in a small house with no available basement access, but he talked me into it. He helped me pick them out, and he said he felt and instant connection with Lily. He loves the kittens, talks manly baby talk to them, plays with them, and they sleep on him all the time. He sometimes pretends he doesn't like it, but he's sad when he doesn't have a kitten on his lap. Of course, he says they're my cats, not his.

He doesn't help take care of them at all. Well, sometimes he trims their nails because they tend to scratch him accidentally. He helps trim bunny nails because with my naughty crew it's a two person job. And he's helped medicate the kittens when I needed a second person. But the deal was that I could have as many animals as I want of whatever type as long as I do all the work and the house doesn't smell. He has fibromyalgia and the last thing he needs is to be thinking about cleaning litterboxes when he's having a bad day and can barely move.
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[quote=Naturestee;1344702]I have to post this. This is my hubby, and he is "a dog person, not a cat person."


That is a great picture!
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My husband really loves the cat now, he wasn't too excited when i adoptepd her due to my allergies and the maintenance but now he knows how healthy it is for me to have a cat and he has come to adore her cool little nose and her fur and get a kick out of all her antics. I have even secretly found him playing chase with her. He even likes to talk to her on the phone and hear her motorized purrrrrrrrr when he is away.
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My husband loves cats he even had two of his own when I first stated dating him. His cats got old and died years ago and my cat Bijou adopted my husband as her own. I brought home an unwanted cat a couple of weeks ago, and my husband grumped a bit about it, but not because he didn't like her, because he thought it would hurt Bijou's feelings! Now he loves the new cat too. If only I could get him to love my naughty pug as much as he loves those two cats....
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I met Tony a week before I adopted Pippin. Tony wasn't best pleased at having to share our "budding" relationship with a kitten! As time has past, Tony and Pippin have gone from being "the other man in mommy's life" to "daddy" and "just a cat" to "my big boy"!

When Pip got the snip, I cried buckets because I thought he'd think I'd hurt him on purpose but Tony said if Pippy saw me crying he'd probably feel really bad and I must try stay away until I was stronger... "go for a bath and wipe away your tears" (btw... why when crying do people suggest a bath to wipe away your tears? Grrr) anyway... when I got out, I peeped around the corner and there was Tony lying on the floor nose to nose with "his Big Boy" telling him Mommy was sad that she'd hurt him and was very very sorry!

Now they have a little ritual of Pippy and Tony rubbing noses as a "goodnight" "hello" "watz up" and of course my fav "daddy can I sleep next to you tonight"

I think in their own way, Tony and Pippin love each other more than I could ever understand... They talk to each other, irratate each other but most of all they love each other!
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It's been roughly 24 hours since my honey met Diesel.. Boyfriend's allergic to everything: Sunshine, plants, animals, four-syllable words, so he's really not interested in dating a cat-owner.. However, he gets major points for designating "cat pants" that he wears only when handling Diesel, so that his regular clothes doesn't get "contaminated" and make him sneezy.
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My husband always liked cats before he met me, he had one at his store but couldn't have one in his house, his daughter was allergic. When I met him he had a dog and Bella just ignored her for the most part, the dog was old and no threat to Bella. But my husband fell in love with Bella said he never met a cat like her. I have never seen a man scream and cry the way I did my husband when Bella died in our arms he just held her and wailed like a baby it killed me. So he LOVES CATS!!! Now he wouldn't even consider a dog.
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My husband was luke warm on the idea of cats, but decided to let me adopt 8-Bit after I hounded him for a good year. Needless to say DH fell in LOVE! He talks to Bit, tells him he loves him, and they even take naps together. I just think it takes a special man and a special kitty.
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My husband used to have only dogs, and now he loves cats. He wouldn't mind a dog, but I bet he'd love our cats more.
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I wouldn't underestimate an animal's, any animal's, charm on human beings. I sincerely believe that there is an innate part of us that can find love in animals, even cats, despite their sometimes dodgy reputation.

Confession: I used to hate cats! =O I used to think they were stuck up and well...un-dog like, lol. But now I'm the proud owner of two beautiful kittens who I nurture and care for more than anything in the world. It all changed for me when I was in college and attending classes at the theatre department. Theatres are known for keeping cats around and this one was no exception. Being the cat hater that I was, I would always intentionally ignore Eddie-Puss (Oedipus). Despite my efforts, however, he always climbed on my lap while ignoring everyone else and be extreeeemely affectionate. At first I was taken back and annoyed by the amount of hair he would leave on my clothing, but eventually I was won over by his complete persistence in owning my affection. I have been a cat lover ever since.

I say give it time. There will eventually be a time when someone "caves in." I did and I was not a cat person at all.
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My husband had a neutral "feeling" towards cats - you know -- a dog person .

THEN, came KiKi!

He is now a cat person!
KiKi has been more like a dog, maybe that helped.

KiKi talks a lot - we love that about him, too!

We now have two more - he went to visit his niece - her cat's litter was ready to be adopted - so, he called me to see if I wanted one. I told him to send me pics (via internet).

Sure, just try to pick only one !!- they were all so cute!. I thought the little girl would be easier for KiKi to accept, so was leaning towards the Tortie. There was a male, also that looked like he had the same daddy as the Tortie - couldn't choose - so left the decision up to my hubby because he could check out their personalities.

He came home with both of them - yep, he likes cats! Of course I get to do most of the "work" involved with them.

He's a little frustrated with that little cute Tortie (Phoebe), she has an attitude and won't cuddle like KiKi, or Simon - but time will bring success, I'm sure.
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My husband has always had cats in his house growing up, and hated dogs. I grew up with dogs and horses and was deathly afraid of cats (I know, it seems crazy, but I was more comfortable around a horse than I was around a kitty). I swore I would never have a cat (the only cats I had known were anti social, sneaky, totally feral or just plain mean).

Then we moved to FL (where hubby is in the studio late at night and on weekends) and I started to warm up to the idea of a companion pet.

So this weekend we went and got Carl--and I am in love! I told Jack that I wanted a cat that acted like an adult dog (the kind with all the natural instict bred out). Carl is perfect-he is cool as a cucumber with whatever we do to him (like trimming claws, picking up, holding, etc).

Of course Jack loves him too!

I was, however, severely uncomfortable in the cat room at the shelter with 75 cats looking like they wanted to leap onto my shoulders!
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Originally Posted by MissintheSouth View Post

I was, however, severely uncomfortable in the cat room at the shelter with 75 cats looking like they wanted to leap onto my shoulders!
Congrats on the new addition! They were just hoping you'd take them all home
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