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New rescue

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I went back to the county pound today, and yes, I know I am not allowed there. However, the employees have not yet been informed of that, so I was able to make it to the available pet sections.

Found a bobtailed grey tabby male. Very sweet, but had an eye infection, and with 4 other cats, didn't want to travel down that road. Will "tout" him to other cat-addicts.

Then went to the doggie death row. Wanted a small dog, if any, and found 2 ladies loving on a cage with a shaggy terrier and young red bulldog. Wanted to check the terrier, but figured they had him.

Further down, a 4 year old purebred Bassett female, obviously a breeder, so sad, wanted her people back. She didn't much like me, though.

While in the "get-acquainted" area, the 2 ladies came out with adoption papers and made sweet over Julie the Bassett, so they were adopting. Figured it was little terrier.

Went back inside, terrier was there, but red bulldog was gone....yay! Now terrier is not wagging, not barking, just giving "name, rank, and serial number." Got attendant to let me have him in the getting-to-know-you" pen...and he was very much polite, but not fawning. Let me touch/poke just everywhere without a notice.

I took him. Have had terriers (Airedale and Silky) before, and they are not particularly people-focused when in a strange enviro.

He is a love!! The cats tempt him, he rolls over on his back to let them smell him. Wags, smooches, and other puppy loves are coming our way by the hour.

Just my 2 cents: Go to the hi-kill shelters, and adopt whatever you can...until there is no more killing, we, as individuals, have to make the difference! These critters are there because
1. someone was irresponsible
2. someone was responsible, and hopefully there is the

3rd: someone took on someone else's responsiblity!
Because if not, the poor creature is euthanized and we, as a people, are degraded.
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Kudos to you for adopting! I'm not allowed in the Animal Shelter either, so says my Mom! I have adopted guinea pigs from the shelter, but nothing else yet. Once I'm in my own house I will definetly extend my furry family .
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