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Our new kitten

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Hi all,

Its been a while, we are finaly over Sebastiens passing, and are ready to welcome are new furry little friend to our home. Tonight we are picking up a 2month old male Bengal (spotted) and naming him Chester....(You know, Chester from the cheetos comercials... lol)

Looking forward to being back here.

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Congratulations on your new baby! May you have a long and happy life together! :blubturq: :blubturq:
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Welcome back Sebastien. Let us see some pictures of that baby Chester when you get him.
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Welcome back Sebastien! Its good to see you back around.

Congratulations on the new baby! I'm sure little Chester will fill a good portion of that hole in your hearts. There's always room for more love. I love the name you picked out for him. That should definitely fit a Bengal kitten!

And yes, we definitely would like pictures of Chester.
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OH! It is NICE to see you again! I am moving this to the lounge, so EVERYONE can give you the proper welcome back! Congratulations on your new adoption! I wish you all the best!
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There - that is better!
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Congratulations on your new kitty!
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welcome back and congradulations. Now lots of pics are in order!!!! Can't wait !
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Congratulations! Can't wait to see pictures of Chester - Bengals have such an awesome "look", and those markings are the despair of other-breed tabby owners!

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Congrats on Chester, the bengal! Prior to getting Scooter, we almost got a boy bengal named Chester, too!
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Congratulations and welcome back!!!
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We were supposed to get chester the night I posted this. Now, a month later, I'm starting to feel I'm getting a run around by our breeder. We drove all the way out to the breeder (1 hour), but she gave us faulty directions, so it turned into a 3 1/2 hour trip to just get there. Once we got there, she told us that Chester was not acutally ready to go (after telling us over the phone to come get him!!!!) So they told us they would deliver him the following weekend...then the now it was supposed to be this weekend but pushed once again back to next Wed. In addion to the delays, and the other hassles...she tells us he is allergetic to clumping litter, is not social, and poops all over her house and hisses at other cats.....Not exactly making us feel comfortable about taking this kitty. So now I am considering asking for our money back. It just seems the circumstances are screaming "get out while you still can". If we are able to get our money back I will look for another bengal breeder in the area. Is there anyone that governs, or licenses these breeders in Canada?? Any suggestions on how to appoach this....This whole mess is our first time buying anything from a breeder. Our other Kitty, we got at the pet store, and its been such a joyful experiance.

Sorry for the long rant.
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Is she registered with TIBA (The Bengal Cat Association)?? Or with TICA? You might be able to report her there. Or contact another breeder. Yahoo Groups has a great breeder group...... They are all breeders and they might be able to help you. Here's the link:
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Not sure if you were looking for another breeder or not. Got bored and decided to look some up. Hope you get everything worked out.

This page appears to have a couple of Canadian Bengal Breeders.

Another that seems to have a breeder listed from BC (I don't know the difference between Bengal and Wildewest Bengals though...and I can't find any from Alberta...). I don't know if that's the one you're already dealing with?

Not sure if they list breeders or not, but
Bengal Cats in Canada.

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One in Calgary! Hope she's not the one you're already dealing with:

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Originally posted by Sebastein
she tells us he is allergetic to clumping litter, is not social, and poops all over her house and hisses at other cats
I just want to say it seems really strange that the breeder would talk about this little kitten in such a negative way. If I was in the position you are in now I would be trying to get my money back.
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Bengals are VERY friendly cats and should be VERY social! Did this breeder tell you if this kitten is an SBT? What I mean by that is the kitten a fourth generation or beyond? If not this could be the reason he is not social or is not using the litterbox. He could also have health issues that need to be taken care of. If I was you I would ask for your money back now and look else where!

Also TIBBA does not register cats to my knowledge. This is done at TICA.
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Jemstones is NOT the breeder I'm dealing with. I wont say the name, I'm not sure if they are registered or not (Sebastien did come with papers though). As soon as I figure out if I can get my money back, I will be contacting Jemstones.

I'm pretty sure I can get my money back. When Sebastien died, the vet wrote on the death certificate "FIP" as the cause, which was covered under the breeders 1yr warranty (I hate the word warranty with an animal, but..) So my contract said iether a suitible replacement with in 6 months, or money back. arrg.....frustraition is setting in....have a nice night...time to go to bed. I'll stop by on Saturday if time permits.

Oh, I think he is 5th gen....the F2 is the great grandma.
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