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Lost litter of fosters

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My fiance and I were fostering our first litter of kittens for the Humane Society but after 2 died over the past 2 days, I had to take the other 4 to the vet today and they tested positive for parvo/distemper and had to be euthanized this afternoon. My fiance and I are very upset and to make matter worse, now we can't foster anymore b/c the virus can survive on surfaces for up to one year. At least our cats are vaccinated. I thought the least I could do is post pictures of them.

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How very sad. The little calicos look just like Layla whom we lost to the FCK (flat-chested kitten) defect.
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i am sorry, but at least they had a home and someone that cared for there short lives.
rest and play well at the bridge little ones
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The pictures are beautiful. They lives, while short, were clearly full of love.

I am so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace and play, little lives, forever together.
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Aww, I am so sorry to hear of your double loss, at least they knew love and affection in their short lives. RIP little ones.
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Awwww I'm sorry that you lost them.I know how attached you became in such a short time.Hopefully with-in the next couple of years, you can foster again!!
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aw I am so sorry, God bless them and they will be playing over the bridge with other furry friends that will take care of them now
Herse also sending warm hugs & {{{{{vibes}}}}} to you and your man for giving them a warm , loving and caring home, they were truely loved
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Condolences on a very sad loss The pictures are wondeful - Heaven has been esp. blessed, and those 2 calico-cuties As you know all too well, unfortunately, death from distemper is awful, and you have spared the remaining babies from a lingering suffering. Now, those babies are over RB, and they are playing with all those wonderful children who also got called Home too soon
As for not fostering, why can't you take on a foster or two that has been vaccinated??? It's much better than living in the shelter, and gives you more experience with the role of fostering. Surely, such cats can be found.
Bless you for giving them love and security before they went. You and your fiance are true cat-guardian-angels! Susan
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RIP little kittens.
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Oh those poor babies! At least they were in a home when they died, not in cages at the shelter. I know how horrible it is to watch kittens & adult cats die from distemper.

I'm sorry you had to be the ones to loose the kittens, but at least they died loved. RIP sweet babies.
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I'm sooooo sorry sweetie. I understand exactly what you're going through- i've been fostering for years. It's soooo hard to loose those sweet little ones we get soo attached to. I recently lost two of my foster kittens.My heart goes out to you and your fiance. If you would like to foster again....I suggest purchasing Tek-Trol - it will kill just about everything, including all strands of will definitely be able to foster again after using that! Whoever told you that you had to wait a year was way off. So no worries on that note. It is safe to use on all surfaces- so spray down your whole house- i suggest purchasing the aerosol can- it is really convient to use! I love it!....also, If you're able to spray down some things and take them outside to air dry, that is ideal...if not, spray down the surfaces in a well venelated area. Also, spray your vaccume cleaner and the filter of it with the tek trol as well to prevent spreading the virus around. I'm keeping you and your fiance in my prayers tonight- I understand sweetie! Please feel free to pm me if you need to talk or if you have any questions!

Here are a few links to online suppliers that sell can shop around.
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I am so very very sorry for your losses! You must be simply heartbroken! I lost Garfield's twin brother Odie to distemper just days after we began fostering the boys. It is a horrible illness.

Poor little sprites. May they rest in peace.

Thank you for taking them in and loving them. After I lost Odie, I fostered older kittens who had already been fully vaccinated, but needed lots of attention and taming. It is very different from fostering newborns, but still quite rewarding.

Hugs to you and your family at this difficult time. I know your heart will ache for a long time. Just know that your taking in this tiny family of kittens did make a positive difference for them. It allowed them to experience true love.
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