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McKenzie is now spayed

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The vet also did a complimentary de-worming and flea treatment on her. She is home and safely in her cage with her kittens playing in the room around her. She will remain on cage rest for 24 hrs then she will be turned loose with her babies. They said she did really well, but she was in heat so there was an added charge for the procedure.
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I am glad all went well. It is always a relief to get them back home after any procedure is performed.
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Woo Hoo! I'm glad she made it through the surgery without any complications!
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I am just so relieved Renea, she had more heat cycles than my dryer! Now, she will not leave my side, she is curled up on the floor as I type this underneath my feet.
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Originally posted by hissy
she had more heat cycles than my dryer!
LOL....That is way too funny!:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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I am sending 'feel better soon' wishes to little McKenzie! She has done her share of being a good momma and she deserves to be in retirement! Good Job!
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After about a week of freely going in and out of the house, she has decided that inside is definitely better. She now shows no interest in the doggy door, or an open door for that matter. She is content to lay on our bed and come into the kitchen when we are there to see if she can scam some treats! I think, she wants to be an indoor only kitty and that is fine with me.
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That is too funny! I sure don't blame her for not wanting to be outside any more. She knows where the good life is!
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She's a smart girl! I guess she's had enough of a hard life in her short time to know to stay where there's always food, it's nice a warm, and there's people who will give scritches and snacks!
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That is great news! She is one smart little girl!
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Four days ago her kits were all over her, trying to nurse etc...so she bolted out the doggy door. I have not seen her since. I have looked everywhere, talked to neighbors walked out to the road and she is nowhere to be found. I hope she comes home soon, MacBethie misses her a lot. I will call the shelters on Tuesday (they are not open on Mondays) but my neighbors all know where stray cats belong, they know they belong with me.
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Guess we need more of that "Come Home" energy directed out your way. I hope she comes back soon. Hopefully she will realize that life on the outside isn't all it's cracked up to be. She has food, shelter, and lots of love back at your house. Maybe she's just hiding out somewhere on your property, just coming around when it's quiet to feed?
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I hope so Heidi, she can feed in the shop 24/7. I have one old feral boy who is 12 and he has been nasty lately, so I finally got him captured and took him to the vet. He has a bad ear infection and so I think while he was so cranky, he might of ran her off. But she has plenty of food and water and shelter with us and I don't think she would leave her kittens even if they are old enough to be without her. I just want her to come home!
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Hissy, I just read that McKenzie is missing. I am so upset to hear this and I know you must be freaking out. I am sending all of my COME HOME thoughts your way.
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Hissy - I am truly sorry that McKenzie has bolted on you!
I will add her to my prayers tonight.
I have to trust that she will return unharmed and happy to see you all!
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Thanks everyone-

It is the way of ferals and something I have had to come to accept. I do not like that it happens, but it does. The property is very empty right now without her around. Her daughter resembles her so strongly now and I know she misses her mom as well. I would of thought McKenzie would be home by now since she is such a good mom. She does have a bright blue tattoo on the white of her rear leg, so she can be found if someone picks her up, but she is not a friendly kitty to anyone other than me, so the chance that someone has her in their house, is very slim.
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here come lots of kitty come home prayers from me and my kitties!
:angel4: :angel2:
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I still hold out hope that she will return.
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McKenzie Come Home prayers coming your way! Haven't been able to log on since last week. Sooo sorry to hear she took off. Poor Hissy - always many gut-wrenching problems. You must have a stomach made of iron to not have ulcers with the worry and concern you constantly have to face. But I think that in the end there's too much love (and food and care) in your home for her not to come back (cross fingers, knock wood).

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