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My new kitten [:

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I juss got a new kitten yesterday from a friend whos cat gave birth to it about 2 months ago.

She eats..but she doesnt drink any of the water i put out for her :-/

what should i do?

And i need to train her to use the litter box so she doesnt go all over my carpeted floor. Any ideas on how i can go about doing this? So far...what ive been doing is when i see her get ready 2 use the carpet as her bathroom...i pick her up and put her in the litter box and she goes there.

How long does it normally take for a kitten to get used to it?

Thanx and heres some pics!

and she sleeps ALOT but i read that its normal for them to do that.
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I'd put her in a room (like the bathroom) till she learns to use the litter box. Or keep her in a large cage for the same reason.

And you will have to use a good carpet cleaner or she will go in the same spots as before. Try some Nature's Miricle carpet cleaner (petshops or catalog has it).

At 2 months old, she should know how to use the box. Did your friend even bother to litter train the kittens?

As far as water - keep a few bowls around and keep them changed (at least once or twice a day). Are you feeding wet or dry food - if wet, they usually won't drink as much as if eating dry.

Kittens sleep a lot - you shouldn't worry about it.
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thanx for the info
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Originally Posted by Furball View Post
thanx for the info
Hey Furball....I agree with GoldenKitty....containing this kitten is probably the best way to teach it to use the litterbox.

I'm hoping your friend is planning to have the mom fixed. If she needs a low cost clinic, let me know.

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She is beautiful. She is a little young to have left her mother, who would be teaching the kittens litterbox and social manners around now. For the moment I would keep her in one room with the litterbox close at hand, and she will quickly learn to use it, especially if you can give her some help as you are doing. Kittens can get caught short very easily, and also get confused as to where things are, so after a week or two let her start slowly to explore the house, and if you have more than on level, or a long corridor, put more than box so they are easily found.
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The extra pan per level is good too for elderly cats so they can make it in time
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