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911 Dispatcher!

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I have some awesome news! Tomorrow & Friday I will get the chance to train as a 911 dispatcher for the city of Bartlett (right outside of Memphis). I'm sooooo excited!!! I will be training tomorrow and friday, and after that, I should know 100% if I have the job. I'm really excited because it would give me such a wonderful opportunity to help people and make a difference in my community. My boyfriend is a police officer for the city of I know almost the entire police force and have made quite a few friends. (he's a great cop as are the rest of them...they're not slimy & dishonest like the Memphis cops are for the most part. - the Bartlett folks really care about people and make an honest attempt to help them.They're also really involved with the Bartlett Animal Shelter and animal control- so they're always picking up strays and taking them in for help!). I'm sooo excited! I really hope i'm fortunate enough to get this job. I'm in school full time right now and I could really use a second this would be perfect....I'm going to try and work full time depending on my schedule- but it will be hard, I foster, have 12 hours of school right now, and I own my own business (i'm a lisenced florist/wedding planner...right now i'm operating out of my home and by word of mouth till I can save up enough to buy a shop if that's what I decide to do). I'm really hoping I get this. I had to share my good news with everyone! I've had a bit of a rough patch lately with two of my foster kittens passing away, so I needed to share my good news too! Wish me luck everyone!!!!
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Best of luck!!
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Nikki, Good luck getting this job, I believe everything happens for a reason so if it is meant to be you will be a 911 Dispatcher ...that's a big job Bless you!!! Let us know!!! You deserve this!!!!
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Thankyou soo much everyone! I'm really excited! I can't wait to start training! As soon as I know whether I have the job or not I will let everyone know. I'm really praying I get this one! I'm almost out of pennies to pinch...I need more work lol. I'm sooo exctied! I can't wait to go and train tomorrow I'm also looking foward to helping people too- I have always loved volunteering and helping out, so I think this job will be a good fit for me if I am fortunate enough to land it! I do have one concern though- I will probably be working the same shift as Colin...and I am a little concerned if I should ever recieve a bad call and have to send him out to answer it...If something bad happened to Colin..well, i'm not sure I could forgive myself if I were the one to call him out...but at the same time, I understand his job completely and I support him, so I would definitely do my job and dispatch him to the would just be hard. Humm, that's just me thinking about possible scenarios...but when it comes down to it, my job would be to send life-saving help out to people, and his job is to help them, so i'm alright with that should that scenatio ever arise. Thanks again everyone! I'm looking foward to tomorrow!!! All I have to do now is figure out what to wear -lol, i'm such a girl
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Good luck!! And remember, don't ask a mother if she wants the police to come over and shoot her unruly daughter:
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Good luck!!!
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Good Luck Nikki, I hope all goes well !!!! ....Bartlett is such a beautiful area ...... my brother used to live in Bartlett and my sister used to live in Germantown ! ......
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Good luck! that would be an interesting job for sure.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Good Luck Nikki, I hope all goes well !!!! ....Bartlett is such a beautiful area ...... my brother used to live in Bartlett and my sister used to live in Germantown ! ......
That's cool- seems like we have families in Alabama & TNl!/ I live in Memphis- Colin lives in Barteltt, and I stay at his house pretty often because my neighborhood where I live with my mom is very,very unsafe- we've had 5 shootings near me in the past week. So I usually stay in Bartlett- it's pretty safe, and it's much nicer . I love it! Germantown is really nice too! What part of germantown did your sister live in? I go to church out there. / my boyfriend Colin's family is from Alabama....I think our families switched places
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Best of Luck and Hopefully you won't get any calls such as this one:

Burger King 911 Call
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Originally Posted by ButterflyDream View Post
Best of Luck and Hopefully you won't get any calls such as this one:

Burger King 911 Call
I would have been soo annoyed! What an inconsiderate idiot! Tying up an emergency line like that when others could have had something serious occuring and couldn't get through to the dispatcher. I would have dispatched a cop alright- one to write a citation for improper use of an emergency service! (Colin would have love to ticket someone like that!)People really need to think before they act.

By the way, the funny thing way I had Burger King on my way home
-I had to have my cherry icee
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Well, I was just looking through the requirements tonight...there's a lot of them! Also it's not just a 911 Dispatcher position, I'm going to have to be a Jailer as well..i'm not soo sure i'm into the whole "jailer" thing...we'll see,I really need a job. Supposedly, my main duties will be as a 911 Dispatcher...but when a female suspect is taken into custody and has to be searched, they have to have a female jailer preform the search, so that is what i'll be doing. There is supposed to be armed backup in the room, so hopefully it won't be too bad.I'm pretty tiny though, so I hope nobody tries anything. I can shoot a gun like theres no tomorrow- but usually there are no weapons allowed in the prision area. (the 911 Dispatch center is in the back of the jail). We'll see...i'm a little nervous, but i'm excited too.

This is what I have to finish within the first year according to the website. I'm gonna have 0 time uhh! Wish me luck! I will need it

"must satisfactorily complete within one (1) year of employment the basic emergency communicators course, Emergency Medical Dispatcher course, basic jail school including chemical weapons training and obtain their N.C.I.C. certification, all of which are given at the City's expense"
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awesome!!! best of luck!!!!
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best of luck.
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Thankyou guys! I will definitely update tomorrow and let everyone know how it went and when I will know for certain if I've landed the job
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Best of luck at the training. If this is what you want I hope you get it.
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How is the training going? I hope its going well! And if that is what you want its a wonderful opertunity for you!! Best of luck!!
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Thanks for all of the sweet comments and encouragement everyone. However, I think I may have changed my mind . I loved the training- multitasking, being busy, using all of the different computers,etc...and mostly helping people. However, there is absolutely NO way this job will be doable with my current school scheudle. And my school hours are really flexible so that I can work On Mondays & Wednesdays, I'm in class from around 7:30-3:40....On Tuesdays & Tursdays I only have one class and that's about by 10:30...and Friday I have one that is out by 11:40...So, I have a pretty open college schedule so that I can work full time. Here's the problem with the dispatcher/jailer job....You have to go out of town for at least 2 weeks to train.....wouldn't be a problem....except I have school and the foster kittens. Also, the schedule is not the same every month- it rotates every 28 I would never know what days I have off and how it will interfear with my classes. Also, they are not flexible at all about this unforutnately. Also, I will not only be doing the Dispatcher's job, I will also have to be a Jailer and train for that as well....this includes strip searching the femal prisioners- at the moment we have several convicted felons in there and 2 murders that the Memphis prision wouldn't hold because they killed a Memphis cop- so Bartlett is holding them so they won't be abused by the Memphis staff. I'm not so sure how comfortable I am working around a murderer! I mean, if I had to- I would,....there's always back up so I wasn't too worried about it. The main thing is the schedule and the out of town training. I can't miss two weeks of college to go out of town! My grades would suffer from that and I'm not willing to sacrafice my education for that. I really liked the staff though- they were all very kind and showed me the ropes- I really loved it there a was something i'm really interested just doesn't look like the ideal job for a college student. Did I mention the pay was good too! Uhhh! This is such a hard decision. I really need a job, this one is open and willing to hire me....but if i take it, I will have to miss a lot of school, the stress of that particular job is huge, the schedule rotates and the hours change every 28 days so that definitely wouldn't work with my school....So i think as of right now, I will have to look for something else. Thankyou for all of the vibes everyone......I will definitely need them now while i'm trying to find something else that will work with my school schedule. When It comes down to it, I want my degree, and I'm not willing to sacrafice my education for a job i'm not planning to turn into my career...
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Well that sucks that you can't take it. Maybe when oyu are done with school it will be an option you can take. You will find something that suits you better!!
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Thankyou. I also think it sucks lol....I really need a job, and I like that one -they were more than eager to hire me...iIf I weren't in school and had no intentions of getting a degree, then I would definitely take it, but that's not the case though. it just will not work at all with my current classes, and there is no way I will sacrafice getting my degree for a job that i'm not planning to make a career out of. I was reallly looking foward to being able to help people with that job though oh well. I'll find something else. I picked up an application to this gorgeous exotic fish store on the way home- all of the tanks are sparkling clean, there's soft music in the background and candles everywhere- I would love to work in that environment! Maybe i'll have some luck with that? I'm turning in my application today. I'm pretty definite the pay won't be as good for that as it would for the dispatcher position though but at least they're willing to give me good hours. Thanks again for the job vibes- i appreciate it!
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