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For the sewers in the group

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Cool prints here

Cat Fabrics
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Oh, those are beautiful. I can't sew but my grandma likes to make cat mats with cat fabric. Thanks for an awesome Christmas present suggestion!
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Beautiful fabrics but, a little pricy. I'm spoiled, though - we have a Fabrics by the Pound, here and WalMart has really nice stuff, at good prices. I, also hit the clearance tables, at Hancock's - $.77 - $1.88/yd.
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Katl8e can you suggest a sewing maching for me? I need one tha sews jean material, and like a cordory material. I also need one that can sew finer material like silks and stuff. It would just mostly be for fixing tears and hole and stuff liek that. not extravagances. I'm not that good.
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hahaha! I feel like an idiot today.

By "sewers", I thought you were referring to parts of a sewage system!
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Don't feel bad Molly. I thought the same thing!
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Me too Molly.....:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:
I just jumnped right in when I read the word s-e-w-e-r!
Guess that shows where my mind is
As for sewing.....no can do!
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Jugen, I have two machines. My Singer Dressmaker will handle 4 layers of denim and has a lot of useful stitches, free arm and built-in buttonholer. I bought it at one of those sales of undelivered school machines. They have these sales, all over the place. Look for ads, in the newspaper. I paid $150.00, 10 years ago. Its never needed a repair, just a yearly tuneup.

If you want to go a bit higher, I, also have a Euro-Pro 7-layer machine. Does all of the good stuff, too. My ex bought it from Fingerhut for around $250.00.

If there's a fabric store, near you, they may sell reconditioned machines, too. I've always had good luck with Singer, though.
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so singer dressdmaker is the brand name? I am now wondering where you get one?? I need one so darn badly! In this town there are NO alterations people or anyone that does anything of the sort, so if it rips, throw it out I guess. except my S/O is hard on clothes so I'd rather try and fix it because he spends a fortune on them too. Well if that is the brand name, I'll go out and try to find it. wish me luck...BTW: how much do you think it might cost? I also don't want to spend more then necessary.. Thanks for your help Katl8e
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Jugen, they're not too expensive. Depending on where you get it, and new or used - I'd estimate $150-200. Reconditioned is good. I've never had trouble with a rebuilt machine. Check classifieds, for used machines. Make sure you get zigzag and a free arm, though. That free arm makes cuffs and pants hems a breeze.
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