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IMOM.org is full of angels!!!

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I just wanted to say that IMOM.org is full of angels. The people there are so compassionate, caring and wonderful. If it wasn't for them, i would have lost my precious Trixter in July, due to diabetes. They saved my baby!

It is heartwarming and awesome that so many compassionate, generous wonderful people are so willing to help people save their precious furbabies when they are going through financial hardship.

If anyone is able, please donate to IMOM or sponsor a pet in need through their web-based organization.

If you qualify and need help, IMOM will help you. Like I said, they saved my Trixter and I am forever thankful. They are a bunch of angels, and i love them dearly.

Please visit their site and consider donating so that they may save other pets in need like my Trixter! Thanks for listening and God Bless!

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Thank you for posting this! What a great website!
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They are a great organization. Another poster on this site raised the money for her cat's amputation through their site. She had the money within only a matter of days.
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Yup. Miracles happen everyday with this organization. They are all angels and I thank God every single day for them.
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Wow, that is awesome!! I wish more people knew about this because I'm always seeing people posting on various forums that they can't afford to take their cats to the vet/ I guess I can tell them where to go for help now. Thanks.

Also, they'll be on my top charities list for donations!
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