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What is Wrong with My Cats?

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Okay either my cats are incredibly neurotic or they are just behaving normally.

Okay first thing this morning, Pearl jumps between us on the bed and then jumps off...scared the living heck out of my husband. I thought it was funny.

Then....I come down here (we are in the basement of my ILs) to take my late afternoon meds....with a glass of nice, ice cold Mt Dew for a pick me up....

I set the glass down and go for my pill box, turn around....and there is Pandora, licking out of my glass....

So I check their water bowl, it has just a teeny bit in it, so I ask hubby to bring down some water....he does in a glass, refills their bowl...with fresh clean, cold water...

And what does Pandora do???

She starts to stick her paw wayyyyy down in the glass he brought the water down in (which is now empty) and licks what liquid she gets off her paw....

And we are still sorta living out of our suitcases....and Pearl starts trying to get in the part that I always assume is meant for your underclothes....and she is at the same time attempting to close it in on herself...

What the heck is wrong with my kitties:

Okay now Pandora is trying to climb the wall from the bed post...literally...what the heck.

It must be the weather (or something in the water) or maybe they were down here reading on TCS and found the nut thread to be too amusing and it caused them so much humor it knocked them senseless????

And now, Pearl is chasing her tail and Pandora is back to doing the glass thing with her Paw....well at least Pearl isn't trying to 'do' my hair like usual.
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My nut thread has been known to make people bite their tongues off, so perhaps it has affected your kits too!
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Goofy Kitties They're soo cute! I love their new siggy!
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They sound like they have cabin fever and need a good stimulating toy to play with!!
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We had a toy for them, it mysteriously disappeared...

So now they think my paintbrushes are toys.

I keep finding them under the bed.

**I think there are gnomes stealing the cat toys too*
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I don't understand.

What's the problem?

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