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Well the babies are coming around very well! They all stay in a Dog kennel... with the door open,and momma roams the room.. *spare room* And i Have our kitten trouble in there, in a play pen during the day. But I was feeding trouble his canned food, and I tured around and saw Ollie Making steps around the floor! Iwas like OMG he got out on his own!

Well then I was like AWW he is walking around looking for momma! And so i sat on the floor and pulled them all out onto the carpet *First time* and they all wobbled around.. mewwing the softest mews... and They are starting to play wrestle some *mostly Ollie,and Pearl*

Mystic is also getting curious coming out of the cage too *after I went to put them back and see what they would do.. *

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sry they are a bit blurry, they are from my camera phone.. the batterys on my cam died lol But they are sooo cute! Lil Ollie is the lion man, he is the BIGGEST,and the first to do everything! First out of mom, first to open eyes, first to walk *sorta*, First to venture out of the crate.. LOL! He is my lil boy * too bad i cant keep any of em*
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Another Fluf bundle!

RIP my Lil Rollie Pollie girl!
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wow they are lovely how old are they now ? they grow so fast
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They were 2 weeks on Sun
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