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Protocol for new baby??

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My neighbour had her baby yesterday - woohooo!!!!!! She looks fantastic, and little Aiden is adorable!!

When should I go and see her? I WANT to run over as soon I see their car at home, but I know that she's probably tired, and they're probably all settling in, and probably want time to themselves so want to give them some space. And if they have lots of other visitors, I don't want to wear her out!

For all the mothers out there, when do you think is a good time to visit?

I'm going to make a lasagne for them, hopefully tonight, but maybe tomorrow night - should I just do a quick visit to give them the lasagne when I make it, then give it a few days before I try to hold the little guy?
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Babies get sore from being passed around to a bunch of people all day. I say give her a week. Bring them a dinner before hand though. They will love you for it! I bet you are gonna love being around that little baby Aiden!
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I agree - I would give her the lasagna now and when you deliver it just tell her you'll give her a few days to catch her breath, get some rest and get comfortable before you make a visit to see Aiden but that you can hardly wait.
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I too think bringing over the lasagna and sorta saying congrats on the new baby would be a good idea and while you are doing that ask the mom and dad when would be a good time to actually visit....

Cause I would have loved to have someone come over (anyone) and congradulate me on my son's birth....but all I had was family, no co-workers or friends...and so at least letting her know that hey, you are there...and stuff..

It'll help her feel good too (cause of the whole baby blues thing...).
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Protocol? You sound like a scientist. LOL.

I just love it when people say "protocol".
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When I had my son, I announced to everyone that they had to wait 3 days after I got home before anyone could come visit just so that I could get settled the baby and myself settled.

Another thing I said to keep visits to no more than 30 minutes to an 1 hour max.

I'm sure your neighbor will be so greatful for your thoughtfulness!
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I couldn't think of any other word - I am such a business geek now....
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Definitely make her the lasagna now or tomorrow, stop in to congradulate her on the beautiful new baby, and then ask her when the best time to visit would be. She might want company right then, or she might need a few days to adjust before having a visitor. I would leave that up to her I would also leave your number with her (if you want to do that and she doesn't already have it) so that she can call you if she needs something. That might help her feel a little more at ease if she has any problems arise You sound like such a kind neighbor!!!
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That sounds good to me. My next door neighbor waved to me when I was going to the hospital then I invited her to my shower after my baby was born. I'd ask to see him after maybe a week?! Depends on how close you are to the mom...! The person above my post sounds like good advice: ask the mom when it's convenient for you to see the baby.
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When my daughter was bought home I had the literally the whole family and friends there, not by choice but everyone was excited, and I didn't know they'd all be there, it was a bit overbearing and I was really tired and I kinda felt like I was there...but not there.

So pop the lasagne over, say congrats and tell them you can't wait to see them all for a proper visit and when she's feeling up to it and more settled to phone you, and it's great you are cooking for them that's something they don't have to worry about and i'm sure they'll appreciate your kindness.
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I agree with waiting for a week,maybe more if she is nursing.Also, the food is a GREAT idea!!!
When my kids were born,I had family come over......not MY idea.....and I got totally worn out from it.Not to mention the baby didn't sleep after being passed around alot.As a matter of a fact,they ended up with bellyaches from all the passing around.
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