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My druggie cat

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I, finally, caught one of the cats in the 'nip!
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She was at it, quite a while.
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This one was taken, just before she tipped over the pot.
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Aww, she's so cute!
My cat doesn't really like catnip... she's weird.
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Shortly, after these were taken, Opie got into it, too. He and Rowdy, then proceeded to trash my computer room. I had to evict both of them. Bill may be in for a wild afternoon, after I go to work!:laughing:
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Calling all cats! Party at Cindy's house!
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Suki's coming, and she'll bring the milk :o

Those pictures are so cute, I must get a cat-nip plant.
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Trent and Ophelia want to join the party too. They said they will bring some turkey, since we have plenty of leftovers from Sunday, and their Whisker Lickin's treats since they don't like them anymore (They decided they only like Friskies treats now). They share so well, don't they?

Those are very cute pics of Rowdy, Cindy. She is a little doll-face!
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LoL. Socks says "reooow roooo" which roughly translates to "I'll bring some Chicken Tender Vittles. My human so obviously forgot that I detest anything chicken flavored."

Where do you get a cat-nip plant? Do they require much care? (I'm an animal person, I don't know anything about plants!)
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Snowball will definitely be attending this party!!!! He loves both catnip AND computers. (See his picture in my signiture).
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Cute pictures! I'll have to get some catnip and see if my cats like it. What exactly does it do to them, just make them hyper? Kinda like giving a kid candy?? Maybe I better not give Merlin any...he's hyper enough.
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I got that plant, as a seedling, at PetsMart. I have some, grown from seeds from Park Seed catalog. Home Depot had seeds, too.

At first, it made Opie mellow and playful. Now, that Rowdy has joined the family, he gets as rambunctious as she does. At the moment, they are rampaging through my makeup and jewelry. Poor Ike is cowering under the desk.
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Some of mine get all mellow and affectionate and the others go wacky. It depends on the cat how they react.
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The "catnip party" has continued, this morning. Rowdy has been into everything. I can't allow the cats, into the computer room, today.

Makeup and jewelry were scattered all over the room. Stuffed animals were thrown about. My dressmaker's dummy has been overturned. I may, never find all of my makeup.

It is, almost, like having two-year-olds in the house.
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Those pics were really great! My kitties are all jealous! They are flying out at 6 Am tomorrow and should get to you in time for tomorrow's "pot-party". 8 on the way..........
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