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My bites are infected!

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Just got back from the doctor. I have been feeling strange all day and two of the wounds were leaking fluid. He confirmed my fears - there is infection under the stitches. So he pressed and emptied the pus and then injected the sites with antiseptic. I have to go back in two days. Very nice local doctor though, he and his wife have four cats, and he could hardly believe that I had cat bites. All a bit scary, specially since I have been taking my antibiotics religiously since last Thursday.
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Oh Jenny what a shame. Im so sorry this has happened. I hope your bites heal up soon.
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Yikes! Be careful and try to keep that area dry and clean. Poor thing. Cat bites suck don't they? Here's some heal fast vibes for you! ((((((vibes)))))
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That is worrisome but it sounds like your kitty loving doctor is on top of things.
I am sending healing thoughts & vibes your way and will add a few prayers asking for no more compilations.

Enough already.
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*sending positive vibes that you heal up soon!* <3
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Aw, that's terrible Jenny. What's that old saying - No good deed goes unpunished. Sending quick healing vibes to you. Take care of yourself.
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I hope your bites heal quickly...sending lots of good health vibes! {{ }}
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Bummer, Jenny. At least it happened after you dyed your hair.
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Aw Jenny! thats horrible!

I hope you get better soon!
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I'm so sorry to hear that Jenny. I hope they heal quickly!
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I hope they heal quickly!! I am glad your Dr. Is taking care of you!!
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Sending healing vibes. I'm glad you are all moved in and settled when this happened.
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Yikes!!! Can you put hot compress on head to help drain???
Yes ago when my dad was severley bitten on his arm by neighbor's cat the ER doc thought a dog did the damage
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I missed the thread about your bites, I'm sorry to hear about them. Hope all will go smoothly from here on out with your recovery. Sounds like you found a good doctor
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Many healing vibes, Jenny!
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Oh dear, Jenny!

I'm pleased that you've found a good doctor to help you though!

Sending many healing }}}VIBES{{{ your way
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Thanks everyone. One feels better this morning, but the other is leaking fluid and throbs. I think I may go back to the doctor this afternoon. Meanwhile I am using compresses with Betadine. It doesn't help that this morning I had the quote for repairing the back wall which is three times more than I expected!

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Is that the back wall that was installed after all that rain last year??? If yes I would have thought the contractor would have had a guarantee!! I would get a breakdown of the cost and get another quote or two!!
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Please to back to the doctor to have that checked.
Lots of healing vibes coming your way.
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No, it was the front wall we rebuilt last year. I knew the back would have to be done, but it had to dry out before it could be assessed. I am getting another quote, and I think I have worked out a cheaper (if not as aesthetic) way to do it.

My head throbs but the doctor is not there till tomorrow morning. SO I have emptied the fluid as much as I can myself and applied loads of Betadine. If it gets worse I shall go to the hospital who did the stitches.
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Oooh, It's not going well right now, is it?

Hopefully you can get a much better quote for your wall and won't have to lessen the aesthetics too much!
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I just found this thread, and all I can say is "You poor thing!" I had an infected cat bite myself last year, and it took 3 courses of anti-biotics to clear it up. The dr. said it wasn't the puncture wounds that were infected; the infection had worked it's way into the cells. Did your dr. give you anything besides the injection? I know you're aware of how serious a cat bite can be; please get your bites looked at again.
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Ooh, I don't like that your head is throbbing. I know with all the antibiotics you are on you shouldn't have a fever, but please check...keep up the fluids, and I know you know this, be checking for any streaking redness from the bite that is still oozing.

Honestly, I'd go in this afternoon to the hospital if you find you are feeling worse as the day goes by.
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I don't think I would wait until tomorrow. Unfortunately cat bites are prone to developing some really nasty infections.
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Are your Tetanus and Typhiod shots up-to-date?
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How did I miss this? I can sympathize, Jenny. I had a really bad cat bite from Jamie's predecessor, Straycat (a longtime feral), on my leg, and messed around for almost a year with antibiotics till it cleared up. I still have a 1/4 inch round scar on my calf from that little encounter. My conclusion - cat bites are far more onerous, and dangerous, than dog bites, and all cat guardians should keep their tetanus shots up to date!
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Gosh, Jenny - I hate to hear that they got infected. Bummer. You let us know if you're ok. Ok?
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Oh Jenny I'm so sorry your act of kindness led to some nasty bites. Sending loads of vibes your way so that they clear up soon.

Gee, it never rains but it pours, I hope you get a better quote for the wall as well.
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How is you head feeling Jenny.
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After more injections of betadine I had some fever last night, but apart from my head feeling sore this morning, in myself I feel better. Yesterday was a bad day - I was really woozy and dizzy and couldn't do much all day. The wounds are not leaking pus any more and are less swollen, so I hope they are on the mend. I am still taking the antibiotics of course, and the hospital updated my shots when I first went in. So I am doing all I can. At least the cat's examinations for rabies are going OK, so I don't think I will have that to worry about! One more to go.

I will also have scars but since they are inside my hairline it doesn't matter. That sounds scary - a year of problems!
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