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They are Really Bad!

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Ok, I know animals "poot" occasionally, some more than others, but I've never had a cat that cut the cheese as much as Tyran does. She'll get in your face and want to cuddle and be loved on and this smell will reach your nose and immediatly you want to gag. Tyran has the worst poots ever! and its always when she's in your face.

Sometimes I think she does it on purpose. Getting back at mommy for making her wear her collar and subjecting her to baby talk. lol.
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Maybe she has a sensitive stomach? What are you feeding her? I have the same issue with my 5 mo kitten Lexi, its always when you pick her up that she lets one go. Its probably the food, Lexi has gotten better since we switched to a higer fiber food, beleive it or not sometimes the higher quality yummy foods can be too rich for some kitties tummys.
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I use Whiskas, and yes, she always lets one when you pick her up. Will a higher fiber diet affect my older cat (8 months old)? She doesn't have gas.
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I'd reccomend switching to a higher quality food. Whiskas is full of meat by-products and low quality grain fillers, and is not easily digestible to carnivores (don't ask me why it's a cat food...). This is probably the source of your cats tummy issues.
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What brand of cat food would you reccomend?
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Look at these all have there good points and are by product and chemical prevative free... some have too many grains , some have too many veggies but on a whole there solid foods

Natural Balence
Royal canin
California natural
Natures variety
Chicken soup
Sportmix( bottom of the ladder)
Solid gold
Eagle pack
Feline Cavier
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also, when Java was a kitten [a foundling at 3.5 months] she loved to lie just under my chin...she had horrendous gas i took her to the vet & found she had a bacterial overgrowth that ended up taking 2 rounds of antibiotics & a round of Bene-bac to get rid of [she also had a bout w/diarrhea during that time]. once that was taken care of, no more gas...she also stopped wanting to lie on me. i think the warmth eased her gas pains!
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Gizmo had a bit of gas when she was eating chicken. She does not have any at all now that she eats rabbit food (as in actual rabbits.)

California Natural is another excellent high quality food that would probably eliminate the 'cat poots'.
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I agree, switch the food. Whiskas is junk food for cats. No nutrition and it can cause major issues in male cats in the long run(urinary blockage). It goes along with the fiber thing, Whiskas is low fiber. As far as other foods go, Wellness works the best for me. Nutro as far as my experience goes makes their poops(actually feces)smell sooooooooo bad. I used to work at a pet store that took in cats for a local shelter to get them seen and adopted, and we had to feed all those cats Nutro(companys rule, cheapest cat food we sold)and ALL of them had stinky poops....literally they would go and the whole store reeked. One day we got a cat who threw up Nutro and we had to switch her to Wellness and her poops smelt so much better. I am feeding Lexi Pets Promise, its a new food by some rich guy. Its by-product and corn free, and she loves it. Its cleared up the problem.

PS. As far as the bacterial issue goes, I think you should try switching food first. If that doesnt work give her BeneBac(they sell it at most pet stores)and see if she will eat Yogurt(plain, unflavored)as that contains most of the same bacteria as BeneBac. Good luck!
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I'll look through Petsmart tomorrow when I go to see about my job application and get the kitties some new food. I was feeding them Iams for a time, but my grandfather said Iams (in his words) "is a load of -bleep-"
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My kitty can be a stinker too but not nearly as much as she was before I switched her to better food. Pet Promise is good and she really liked it. Due to some tummy issues we did a round of Wellness (not happening) and then Blue Spa Select (made her coat dull and her skin itchy) and now on Innova Evo wet and California Natural dry. So far so good and her coat has improved in just a few days.

She does occasionally still get one off - always the silent but deadly type and usually when she is getting some loving and petting from me - but still, as bad as it can be it is still not nearly as bad as it was.
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I agree that a change in food would probably help her a lot.

Lily had gas problems a few weeks ago, but the poor girl couldn't pass it! She was so bloated and uncomfortable and her poop was a little softer and more plentiful than normal. Took a stool sample to the vet ASAP and found out it was coccidea, a single-celled intestinal parasite. The three-day treatment cause her to bloat and deflate at least once a day, but at least she was deflating and was slowly improving. Tummy rubs helped a lot too. A few days later (one week from the original diagnosis) she came down with Eve's URI. Once the antibiotics started the gas problems stopped. I'm guessing she had an undetected bacterial problem too. It would make sense because from what I know of coccidia in other animals, it's a very common low-level parasite that only causes problems when the intestines are out of whack, allowing the population to grow large enough to cause health problems. The bacterial problem was probably another colony of something that took advantage of her poor health.

Just thought I'd share my experience.
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Well Tyran is pooing just fine. Last night she decided to sleep on my chest with her bottom end facing my nose. *pinches nose* you wouldn't believe what that was like. Smelled like something had died. lol. I was really frustrated yesterday and when I went to Petsmart the hiring manager wasn't there so that pissed me off even more and I forgot to look for some good food.

I'm going back today since the hiring manager is supposed to be there this afternoon and I'll look for Innova or California Natural. I'm cashing my paychecks today (I'm such a procrastinator. I always wait till I have 3 or 4 paychecks before I actually cash them) so I know I'm going to go on a shopping spree for the cats, fish, and lizard.
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My Pi had that problem, and it ended up he had worms. It's worth a check.
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Soka, you can wait until you have 3-4 checks before you cash them? Mine's spent before I get it!
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LOL, yea. Now don't get me wrong, I spend lots of money, probably more than I need to. I get paid every week, so money is just a week away if I really need it. I have four to cash today. lol.
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I was looking through some other posts and I've read that Innova can cause smelly poo. Smelly poots I can deal with, but a smelly litterbox is a no. My grandmother complains even when the litterbox doesn't smell. And also, I read that foods like Innova can make some cats gain weight. Miki DOES NOT need to gain weight. She is only 9 months and is well over 7 pounds. She's probably around 8 by now since my grandmother feeds my cats while I'm not home. They will whine for food even after I just fed them because they know she'll feed them. Miki is pudgy and I'm trying to slim her down with excersize and less treats.
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You may want to start with a lower fat and protein food first ( just one minus loads of corn , by products and colorings..

Whiskas is about 30 protein and 12 fat ... So I would at least to start limit the search to 30-33% protein and 12-18 fat so it is not going to start out really rich... If you really like a food that is richer start it later after the intial
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