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Asteroid fun!

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So who reckons this news about the asteroid hitting us in 17 years is scare mongering? Do people honestly think that the US government hasn't got a plan for this sort of thing? They have probably already launched some sort of nuclear device to intercept it before it even gets within visual range. Either way, lets not worry about it.

Now where's my Asteroids game?
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I must have missed something....what asteroid??
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They also said that when the calculated the odds of this hitting the earth it was 1 in a Million. So why even bother mentioning it?
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It's an interesting debate and I thought some people would be interested in it. Lighten up
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BuNN - sorry for the miscommunication!
The "why even bother mentioning it" was directed toward the media not you.
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I apologise too, for saying 'Lighten up'. It's hard to judge what people mean over a forum :tounge2:
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I think its an interesting subject. I've always been facinated w/ astronomy though. My opinion is, if it is indeed in our "path" I can only hope they find a way to deflect it.
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Having read further information, it's highly unlikely it'll even graze the athmosphere. I suspect the Astronomy people only happened to mention it 'may' hit the earth and the press though 'MONEY' and wrote the stories. Stupid press
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One thing that I think is interesting is that we never heard this kind of thing mentioned before the movies Armageddon and Deep Impact came out a few years back. Then suddenly, we are in the path of all these asteroid and meteors. Maybe it was coincidence that technology got better and scientists understand the paths better, but it's a bit too much of a connection. Who ever said that news wasn't in it for the money?
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Well I just tried to get onto the NASA site to get more info and it's jammed. The Astronomy agencies have been after more money to do their research and maybe this is a good way to make the Government sit up and take notice. It won't hit, that's for sure.
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