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allergic reation to internal stitches?

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My Luna had a lump removed from her neck about 4 weeks ago. I noticed a lump around were her stictches were and called the vet who told me it was most likely just an allergic reation to the internal stitches. That made sence because she had the same reation when she had her spay, it just wasn't this bad. (guess the insicion was smaller for her spay though.) Since last week, it seems like the lump has gotten bigger and firmer. I don't remember this happening with the spay, but I just wondered if this was just a normal reation as the stictches disolve? She doesn't act like it bothers her when I touch it. It's about the size of a golfball, although it's more long than wide. I am begining to think it may be an abcess because its getting firmer, but really, what do I know. I would think it would be painful if it was an abcess.
Anyone who had an animal allergic to internal stitches, what was the reation? I think I may call my vet later just to make sure, but I don't want to be the annoying lady who calls about her cats all the time even though there is nothing wrong.
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This doesn't sound like "nothing". At the very least, you can talk to the vet and ask what should you be looking for to determine if it is a problem.
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yes it happens we had a Ocicat that came in for a spay after getting pymetra. she had a reaction to the stitches as well. but i would take the cat in to be sure and make sure you have antibiotics.
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She was on antibiotic directly after surgery. I ended up calling the vet and told the lady what was going on. She has actually not been eating very well the past couple of days (which I didn't even think about until my husband pointed it out!) and they want to see her tomorrow. I hope it's not an abcess... this cat costs so much money!
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Originally Posted by LunaLou View Post
this cat costs so much money!
welcome to owning a living animal! they have to have health care too!
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