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Getting cats used to collars

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I hope to be moving soon, and in anticipation I bought collars for my cats with their name and my cell phone # printed on the collar. They're chipped, but not everyone knows to bring a cat to a shelter or vets office to check so I'm using the collars as backup in case they get out. I put the collars on last night, and Bob just jumped around trying to get it off. Freckles wasn't crazy about it, but he didn't try to take it off. I did take the collars off before I went to bed. How do I get Bob used to wearing a collar? I'm going to put them back on tonight when I get home (and do that every night) to get them used to the feel.
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I think the best way to get him use to the collar is to just leave it on. Eventually he'll adjust. My kitten wasn't too crazy about a collar at first either but after a few days he was fine with it.
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I've used collars on both of my cats just in case they get out. Tyran, at first, tried playing with hers since it had a bell on it. Now, she doesn't even know she's wearing it. Miki refuses to wear one and snaps her off everytime I put one on her. If ever I come near her with one, she runs and hides. I've tried tricking her into thinking I just wanted to play but soon she realized what was going on.
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I agree, leave them on. If the cats make a fuss and then you take them off, you are training them that all they have to do is fuss and the collar comes off. Or would that be that they are training YOU to take the collar off them when they fuss.

Seriously, it doesn't hurt them and they'll get used to it.
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