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why is my cat so affectionate in the bathroom?

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Its so funny I am on a clicker training list and wrote how I wanted to clicker train my cat to encourage him to be more affectionate? So now he's all lovey dovey most of the time on my bed. But a lot of the time when I am sitting on the toilet using it.

It might have to do with my other kitty Kasey being all snuggly in bed but I don't know? Can anyone explain the bathroom bit?

Jennifer momma to Indy and Kasey Jones.
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Didn't you know that the cats all got together hundreds of years ago and decided to freak their owners out by sitting on them anytime they're doing their business?

I don't know why they do it, but the only time Zissou sits on my lap is when I'm in the bathroom. Very odd.
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I think it is because they know you are not going anywhere soon.
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LOL!! My cats are SO affectionate in the bathroom. Especially Saki. Every morning when I go to take my shower he has to come in the bathroom with me. As soon as I turn the shower water off and grab a towel, he starts meowing like CRAZY and rubbing on everything Then I sit on the closed toilet and he jumps in my lap and head bonks my face, chin, nose.. purring like crazy. It's SO cute I look forward to it every morning.

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Heck if I know, but our cats and dog always have to accompany anyone using the bathroom. Pets are just weird
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lol, mine do it because they know I'll be sitting for at least a minute.
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BOTH of my cats do this. Any time I go into the bathroom, it doesn't matter what for, both cats follow me. They require the door be left open. (much to my dislike) If its for "potty business" then both of them are winding around my legs or Tyran will jump into the pants around my ankles and curl up like she's going to go to sleep. If I'm putting in contacts, Tyran is up in my face with the "Oh! Whatcha doin?" While its cute, trying to put contacts in and having a cat in your face is a very hard feat.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
I think it is because they know you are not going anywhere soon.
Yep. You're a captive audience.
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We thought we were the only ones with a cat like that! It drives my partner nuts! I'm just used to it now. Everytime one of us is on the toilet, Tigger starts rubbing on our legs, and purring so loudly. It's the strangest thing. She's affectionate a lot of the times, but more so when we're trying to do our duty....
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Our Simba always insisted on sitting on my lap while I did my "business". I didn't get to go to the bathroom alone in 5 years. But I'd give anything to have him back with us. He could sit wherever he liked as long as he liked.
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yep, both of my cats have to sit on me in the bathroom
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yup, my cat Marshmallow does the same thing... but he won't sit on my lap, he'll either be in the bathtub, peeking at me, or sit on the floor, looking up at me between my legs and trying to smell what is going on - gross!
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Not only do both boys come in to "help" in the bathroom. 8-Bit is now banned from going in with DH. When we flush 8-Bit loves to watch the water go down. Well one time, he didn't want to wait so he just perched himself on the rim. I won't go through the rest of the details for you, but it involved one unhappy husband and one bath for 8-Bit.
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They have your undivided attention in there!! Hannah loves to sit in the tub (it's directly across from the toilet) and peek at me over the side. She's so cute!! She'll also come and sit between my legs for her head and face rubs.

Callie likes to come in and remind me that I've been in there long enough and it's time to feed her! She meanders in, comes for a rub, then leaves again and lays on the floor in the hall right outside the bathroom door.

Silly kitties!!

Since we had 3 indoor dogs while I was growing up, and now 2 kitties, it's been so long since I've been to the bathroom by myself!

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Pru, our little stray/feral comes in to be petted when using the john. She must know I can't get up to pick her up and she is in a safe zone. Hey, I'll take whatever loving she'll give us.
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Gizmo loves to gallop around the halls and meow loudly when I am in the shower. I think she knows I will look silly getting out of the thing to play with her. (I don't.) She's pretty uninvolved when I'm on the toilet, thankfully.
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